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December 23, 2011

SoCal artist Eric R. Doolin takes third at Florence Biennale

Eric R. Doolin has won 3rd place for his gorgeous oil painting at the Biennale Internazionale d'arte contemporanea. Congratulations on his accomplishment for this category after his first appearance at the show.

Doolin's large-scale paintings of upclose organic forms take the viewer on a cosmic tour of the inner workings of orchids or the infinite unfolding of succulent leaves. However, they are anything but your typical florals. These works approach beauty in a uniquely conscious and deliberate way. The work emphasizes the sensuality and mathematical design of nature. The use of translucent colors seems to shine from within, as if lit from behind like stained glass. 

The Southern California artist is compelled by a philosophical take on the relevance of nature in our visual and spiritual lives. Plant life and seashells are motifs of microcosms, which lend themselves generously to painting. The surfaces become bold landscapes of subtle and sexy curvature. Original art, giclees, and eco-friendly furniture designed by Eric R. Doolin are all available at:

The winning piece is shown below.

December 7, 2011

Ashley Oelsen & Lesley Brog: Two extraordinary women uniting animals and humans for a lifetime of love

Posted by Don Rose
Below is information regarding two very special ladies: Ashley Oelsen and Lesley Brog, who do incredible work with animals. They also encourage others to take action in their hometown when it comes to rescuing animals, and understanding the bond between humans and dogs. As the holidays approach, many animal lovers give pets as gifts, so it's the perfect time to make sure you're providing a happy home for everyone.
Meet Ashley Oelsen (Sol Foundation), and Lesley Brog (Wags & Walks) who, together, have embarked on a journey to help save millions of rescue dogs by building awareness through education and community outreach. Each inspired by their love for animals, Ashley and Lesley, through their respective foundations, bring something unique and diverse to their day-to-day operations.
“Saving one dog won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog.” That’s Wags and Walks Rescue’s favorite quote and they never lose sight of it!  Founded by Lesley Brog in 2010, Wags and Walks launched because Lesley knew she wanted to do more for animals.  As the daughter of a vet and a volunteer at various dog rescues, Lesley learned the harsh reality that amazing, well behaved, beautiful “pets” were being dumped at local shelters.  A devastating number, 5000 dogs, are euthanized every day in shelters due to lack of funds and space.  Wags and Walks dedicates their time to physically visiting shelters, sometimes hours away.  They take pictures, get to know the dog’s temperament, work with staff, network the dogs that are the most in danger and put a plan in place to avoid having to put them to sleep.
“I don’t just talk the talk,” says Lesley.  “I am a take action kind of girl!  I am also proud to teach my little girls empathy, compassion and kindness to animals first hand.  This is what every mother wants to teach her children.”
Sol Foundation (Sharing Our Love), named after her rescue dog Sol, was founded by Ashley Oelsen in 2008 and is one of the most unique foundations uniting rescue dogs and children.  The bond between humans and animals can be so strong not to mention life changing for both.   Ashley created Sol Foundation to do just this and more.  Her mission is to prevent cruelty to animals through education, awareness and advocacy.  She created a very distinctive way to teach kids an established sense of responsibility, and kindness towards animals and other humans that begins with weekly visits, with Sol by her side, to local schools and community centers helping students in the curriculum of reading and writing. In addition to the basic stepping-stones of education that will hopefully lead to the success of future generations, Ashley and Sol commence that initial connection between kids and animals. Unfortunate but factual, many of these kids and rescues share similar backgrounds such as physical abuse, abandonment and lack of attention.  Aside from the tutorial benefits that Ashley brings to the table, these students are able to bond with the animals, respect them and learn that with hard work and responsibility they can find unconditional love in one another, something they may have never experienced.
Ashley travels as far as Canada to get many of her rescues to their new home.
Ashley Oelsen and Lesley Brog are true heroes. They’re passionate and determined, and their mission to save homeless pets and unite them with loving owners will never end.  They have made a commitment for life.
For more information on these foundations 
please visit www.SharingOurLove.org 


Several rescues Ashley personally escorted to new homes

Lesley Brog with one of her rescued dogs

Ashley and Sol


December 3, 2011

TONIGHT DEC 3: Jeff Rector's Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

Yes, Jeff's festive December bash is back!

to their annual
8:00 pm – 2:00 am

Dress to impress: Cocktail Attire
Stroll up The Red Carpet 
Enter the Winter Wonderland decorated for the Holidays! 

Full Open Bar – Christmas Spirits served up by Santa’s Helper

A Gourmet Buffet - (Roasted Chicken, Baked Ham, salads, 
sumptuous side dishes and an assortment of delectable desserts!)

Santa’s Punch - will make you believe you can fly like a Reindeer!

with a multi-colored light show on the DANCE FLOOR! 

LOCATION: Jeff Rector's Winter Wonderland 
4917 Woodman Ave. Sherman Oaks 91423 
(Woodman exit off 101 Fwy. just past Riverside Dr.) 
Gentlemen: $20.00 donation 
Ladies: $10.00 donation 
(Complimentary with a bottle of wine, side dish or dessert)

This Event Benefits The Frontline Foundation 
which feeds the homeless on skid row. 
For more information: www.frontline-foundation.com       

RSVP: with your full name and how many guests 

Get Your Holiday Spirit On!