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August 31, 2009

AUG 31: Equator Books, Venice: 50% OFF all books & records

Today is the last day to take advantage of Equator Books' 50% OFF Sale:

50% off all books and records thru Monday, August 31.
While you are there, check out their new Cafe (just opened).
Equator Books & Equator Cafe
1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA  90291

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OCT 24: Kandy Halloween at the Playboy Mansion

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August 29, 2009


by Don Rose

After reading several posts with rumors about Apple's newest (3rd generation) version of the iPod Touch, here is what the consensus seems to be:

The launch date will most likely be 9/9/09 for the new iPod Touch 3rd gen,
which is expected to feature an integrated camera (still cam for sure,
and very likely video) -- plus a microphone and higher storage capacity.
16 gb - $229, 32 gb - $299, 64 gb - $399.

This sounds like a good deal, since you get a good deal more for your moolah
(for example, the current 2nd gen iPod Touch is $229 for just 8 GB and no camera).

I am drooling already for this new Touch... if it truly does have a video camera and
microphone, just add a Skype app and you can, in theory, talk to anyone
from anywhere, for free! (Assuming you are near WiFi, but who isn't nowadays?)

One person on Yahoo Answers shared a little more detail
(again, not confirmed by Apple, but seems likely) (note that the info below
contains 2 minor typos, can you find them? hint: think spelling and GB specs):

apple next music event - "Cocktail"
date: 9/9/09
ipod touch 3rd gen
*cam (3.2 mp)
*3.0 update
*better battery
*faster processer
* 16 gb- $229
* 34 gb- $299
* 64 gb- $399

Yes, that "34 gb" above is almost certainly 32 gb, since memory/storage
almost always runs in multiples of 8 (and by almost always I pretty much
mean always). And yes, "processer" should end in "or".

Final note: why did Steve Jobs decide that Apple,
which already upset the other Apple (as in Beatles)
by getting into the music biz when it once promised not to,
should hold its big iPod Touch launch event on the same day
the other (Beatle) Apple is releasing the remastered Beatles albums?
Why not pick a date that is free and open and not busy with Beatle business?

I don't know. Probably the same reason that eateries and grocery stores
seem to open up in locations near their competitors, too.

One thing's for sure: 09 09 09 is sure to be one news-packed day!
(Unless all the Apple/Touch rumors are wrong, of course... but don't count on it.)

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August 26, 2009


You Are Cordially Invited to


Wednesday, August 26th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM

At the Home of Stanley & Betty Sheinbaum

345 North Rockingham Avenue, Los Angeles 90049


Blase Bonpane, Office of the Americas

Mayra Gomez, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

$50.00 per person - $10.00 for students - No one turned away for lack of funds.

Make your tax-deductible check to: Center of Cultures

410 Spalding Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90212.

Tickets will be held and can also be purchased at the door.

“Refreshments will be served”

For more information: http://www.worldmarchusa.net/


Beginning in New Zealand on Oct. 2, 2009, and concluding high in the Argentinean Andes on Jan. 2, 2010, the March is calling for Peace through Nuclear Disarmament, the end of Military Conflicts, and the renunciation of all forms of violence. Endorsed globally by many current and former Heads of State, Abolition 2000, Mayors for Peace, the Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, and distinguished leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Eduardo Galeano, Jimmy Carter, Ed Asner & Martin Sheen. The March will arrive in Los Angeles on December 2nd.



YES, I/we will be attending. Please reserve tickets as follows:

 Lots of Marchers; $300 for 6 tickets  Some Marchers; $200 for 4 tickets

 A few Marchers; $100 for 2 tickets

 $50 per ticket; (#_______tickets)

 I am unable to attend. Please accept my donation of $_________.

 Check enclosed $_________________ All donations are tax deductible.

Your tickets will be held at the door.

Name: ________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

Phone No.___________________


E-Mail address_______________________________________

Please make your check payable to:

Center of Cultures, 410 Spalding Drive, Beverly Hills CA 90212

For more information:


worldmarchla@gmail.com or call 310 721-0889

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August 25, 2009


The 2009 Malibu Wine Classic
for Childhelp, Saturday, August 29th

From 1pm to 4:30pm
The Malibu Wine Classic showcases the Central Coast with the most highly regarded wineries from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and Ventura Counties, combined with top Malibu and Los Angeles area restaurants. The tasting takes place in the courtyard setting of the Malibu Civic Center overlooking Santa Monica Bay, and benefits Childhelp, an organization ranked by Town & Country Magazine as a Top 10 children's charity in the USA.

IMG_3459 by learnaboutwine.

The ever-popular afternoon "Grand Tasting" featuring tasting portions from more than 60 top selected wineries and almost two dozen restaurants will take place from 1pm-4pm, with public advance purchase tickets available for $79 per person. A portion of the purchase price ($50) is a tax-deductible charitable donation to Childhelp, a national children's charity.

Valet Parking is $8.

(Sorry, by law, no children or minors are permitted at the event.)

CLICK HERE to see pictures of last year's event.

CLICK HERE to donate an auction item, or to participate as a winery, restaurant or sponsor.

Confirmed Already for 2009 More Attendees to be Announced!

Rosenthal Malibu Estate, AJB, Alma Rosa, Anglim, Blair Fox, Brander,

Bridlewood, Buttonwood, Calcareous, Cantara,

Carr, Casa Dumetz, Cass, Ciello, Clesi, Clos Selene, Consilience,

Cordon/Santa Maria Winery, Core, Demetria,

Derby Wine Estates, Dragonette, Fiddle Head,
Foley, Gioia, Griffin, Herman Story,
Hoyt, Jaffers, Jim Palmer's Malibu Vineyards, Kaena, Ken Brown,
Kenneth Volk, Laetitia, L'Aventure,
Linne Calodo, Lone Madrone, Lucas & Lewellen,
Malibu Family Wines, Malibu Solstice,
Malibu Vineyards, Martellotto Wines, Old Creek Ranch Winery,
Sanity, Sans Liege, Sextant, Sierra Madre,
Silver, Stolpman, Strange Wines, Stafford, Summerland,
Sweeney Canyon, Tablas Creek, Tantarra, Tercero,
Terry Hoage Vineyards,
The Malibu Vineyard, Vihuela Winery,
Villa Creek, Vina Robles

IMG_3523 by learnaboutwine.

2009 Participating Restaurants

Water Grill
Monsieur Marcel
American Flatbread
Casa Escobar Malibu
Charlie's Malibu
The Four Seasons HotelMalibu Toffee Michael's Restaurant
SaddlePeak Lodge
The Sunset
Cafe/Malibu Pier Club
Coffee Been & Tea Leaf
and many more!
Click HERE to sign up your restaurant!

(participants are subject to change)

The 7th Annual Malibu Wine Classic
Saturday, August 29, 2009 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Pacific Time Zone
Malibu Civic Center
23555 Civic Center Way
Malibu, CA 90265
Casual Attire
Event Registration
Advanced Purchase
At The Door
View Event Summary
Saturday, August 29, 2009
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  2-CD "Collector's Editions" and Limited Edition 2CD+DVD "Special Collector's Editions" Add Live Recordings, TV Performances and Other Rarities to Original Albums
Posted by Don Rose

On August 25, Radiohead's Kid A (2000), Amnesiac (2001), and Hail To The Thief (2003) will be released by Capitol/EMI in expanded "Collectors Edition" and limited "Special Collectors Edition" packages. Each "Collectors Edition" includes the original album plus a second CD of rarities, including radio sessions and live recordings. Each "Special Collectors Edition," in deluxe, lift-top box packaging, includes both audio discs and adds a DVD with various video clips, as well as a series of postcards.

Kid A's "Collectors Edition" features the original album on disc one, and on disc two, rare concert recordings, a session recorded for BBC Radio One in 2000, and live recordings from Canal+ Studios. The "Special Collectors Edition" DVD adds three performances from the band's June 2001 appearance on "Later... With Jools Holland."

Amnesiac's "Collectors Edition" features the original album on disc one, and on disc two, rare concert recordings and tracks recorded live at Canal+ Studios in 2001. The "Special Collectors Edition" DVD adds four promotional music videos, two 2001 performances for "Top Of The Pops," and four performances from the band's June 2001 appearance on "Later... with Jools Holland."

Hail To The Thief's "Collectors Edition" features the original album on disc one, and on disc two, EPs with rarities and live recordings, as well as a May 2003 recording for the "Jo Whiley Show." The "Special Collectors Edition" DVD adds four promotional music videos, a live performance at the Belfort Festival and a May 2003 TV performance from "Later... with Jools Holland."

Radiohead's first three albums, Pablo Honey (1993), The Bends (1995) and OK Computer (1997), were released in "Collectors Edition" and limited "Special Collectors Edition" packages on March 24. In April, Capitol/EMI reissued 12 Radiohead EPs on 180-gram vinyl as part of the popular "From The Capitol Vaults" high-quality vinyl series.

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Please click here to be redirected to the Carmen Steffens USA website

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August 21, 2009


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Event Report - Posted by Don Rose

On the evening of August 20th, singer, songwriter and dance pop sensation ERIKA JAYNE was feted with a very special event at Coco de Mer in honor of her newly released debut album PRETTY MESS (E1 Music) which features three #1 Billboard Dance Club Play singles including the current “Give You Everything.”

Special guests who packed the luxury erotica boutique on LA's ultra-hip Melrose Avenue included singer/songwriter Jody Watley, actor Michael Des Barres, authors Christopher Ciccone and Neil Strauss, Coco de Mer shop owner Justine Roddick, multi-Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Val Garay, famed choreographer Mikey Minden, make-up artist and photographer Troy Jensen and music producers The Perry Twins, Dave Aude and DJ Irene.

In addition to champagne, delicious treats and provocatively dressed burlesque dancers from Michelle Carr (who embodied the store’s high-end naughty sensibility), the evening featured an erotica poetry reading from the Marquis Michael Des Barres. He included an erotic poem especially for ERIKA, the glamorous Atlanta-born, Los Angeles transplant glamorous artist whose music reels you in with her alluring vocals, catchy melodies and electro beats, not to mention an infectious taste of decadence.

Here’s a sample from Des Barres’ poem for ERIKA:

“In that glorious moment, in that true moment of connection and ecstasy
Your body shudders as she slips and slides beneath you.
Moves her hips to the rhythm of surrender.
You gasp as she performs for you,
yearns for you.
She shows you everything with no inhibition.
Such an exhibition of pure, tarnished, electric dirty beauty.”

For photos of the event, see:


Associated Press

Meanwhile, for more from ERIKA, check out this recent Q&A where she talks about PRETTY MESS:

The first sentence of your bio reads: "If disco balls, ecstasy, pearls, Studio 54, sex, crystal chandeliers, Purple Rain, and Crème Brule, could be whipped in a blender and made into a delicious pop-dance musical confection, you would have Pretty Mess, the debut CD from dance-pop s latest sensation Erika Jayne." Can you elaborate on your fascination with fantasy and decadence?

Erika Jayne: The world can be a harsh place to live in--I prefer to focus on things that allow people to use their imagination and feel better about life.

Congrats on your new hit and third #1 dance single “Give You Everything.” What do you feel is the special charm on this song—it’s connecting real fast with listeners in the dance clubs?

It’s fun and everyone has found that one person who captures their heart.

What are your favorite songs on the album? Which were the most fun to write and record?

“Beautiful” and “Pretty Mess” are my favorites--both are a little windows into my soul.

What inspires you artistically beyond music itself? Any films, books or other cultural stimuli?

Black and white movies and erotic poetry.

You have a fearless and bold quality to your persona. How did this develop?

Many hard knocks.

You love to entertain. What’s your favorite thing to serve? Do you have a signature cocktail?

Tons of caviar and the champagne flows freely.

If you were to do a private performance for anyone in the world–living or deceased–who would be in the audience?

Marlena Dietrich, Jack Kennedy and Frank Sinatra.

You have a great set of male dancers you perform with. How do you pick them out? Do you audition them yourself?

Mikey Minden hand picked the boys and I must say he did a GREAT job.

Who are some of your favorite clothing designers?

Alexander McQueen,20John Galliano.

How did you get hooked up with Sheila E. (who plays percussion on the sexually charged “Time to Realize,” one of the four songs Erika co-wrote)? What was it like working with her?

Sheila was working down the hall and I asked Peter Rafelson to introduce us because I’m such a fan and we became friends. Having her on my album is simply amazing.

You are a very well-traveled woman. What are some of the most memorable places you’ve been?

Hanoi, Vietnam was quite interesting. Tanzania was amazing and Managua, Nicaragua was the scariest.

What are your top 20 favorite songs at the moment?

  1. deadmau5 “Attention Whore” - Provocative lyrics on top of a hot track.
  2. Madonna “Lucky Star” - That’s my girl.
  3. Frank Sinatra “My Way” - Is there any other way?
  4. Eric B and Rakim “Paid in Full” - Rakim is amazing.
  5. Louis Prima “Jump Jive an’ Wail” - I feel like dancin’!!!!
  6. The Doors “LA Woman” - I’m an LA woman and I like it.
  7. Buckcherry “Crazy Bitch” - No explanation necessary.
  8. Patsy Cline “Walking After Midnight” - Tough broad, smooth voice.
  9. LMFAO “I’m in Miami Bitch” - When I want to escape.
  10. Isley Brothers “Between The Sheets” - My favorite place to be….
  11. Teddy Bears “Cobra Style” - Make me wanna party.
  12. Samuel Barber “Adagio for Strings, op. 11” - Pure harmonic genius and tragic romance at it’s finest.
  13. Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls” - Being bad gets a bad rap.
  14. Edith Piaf “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” - Brilliant.
  15. Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” - Pure unadulterated pop—Love it.
  16. Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name” - Love the 80’s!!!
  17. Queen “Fat Bottomed Girls” - Freddy always turned it out .
  18. The Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Woman” - Brings out the trash in all of us.
  19. Notorious BIG “Juicy” - Gone too soon.
  20. Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” - Simply the greatest, period.

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August 20, 2009


I will find out tonight at Erika's album release party,
set to take place at one of Hollywood's sexiest stores.

Check out her music, videos and more at http://erikajayne.com.

Ms. Jayne has had 3 straight #1 dance singles and her new album "Pretty Mess" debuts this week, so she's hot right now. (And her ROLLER COASTER video is smokin' hot!) --Don Rose

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August 18, 2009

AUG 22: URB Magazine Presents ASICS' LITE-BRITE, Free Party, Downtown LA

  FREE with RSVP at www.urb.com/events


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August 17, 2009

AUG 22: ANTICS Sunset Junction AFTERPARTY Invite, FREE

ANTICS Fueled By Toyota is teaming up with FILTER, UNDEFEATED, TOMS and Pabst Blue Ribbon to party at Sunset Junction, Saturday August 22nd at UNDEFEATED on Sunset Blvd! DJ sets by DJ Cobra, Just Matter and a Surprise Special Guest. Doors open at 11pm! All you need to do is RSVP to ENTER by clicking below.

3827 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
11PM - 2AM
RSVP at http://www.uptheantics.com/sunsetjunction 


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by Don Rose

  I admit it. I enjoy sharing good quality discoveries I find on the Web,
and this week I came across 4 music vids I think you will like.
As it turns out  - totally unplanned - these videos feature 2 musical acts
who happened to score their highest-charting U.S. singles 20 years ago...
and in consecutive order (one got to a #1 chart position right after the other).

  The artists: Elvis Costello & XTC. (Can you name the 2 singles?)

  Okay, here's the scoop: 2009 is the 20th anniversary of Elvis C
scoring his highest charting single in the United States ("Veronica");
it went to #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts (its number one single
March 18 - 25, 1989) and got to #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The song that dethroned Elvis C atop the Billboard Modern Rock chart
was by XTC; their 1989 single "Mayor of Simpleton" (from the album
"Oranges and Lemons") reached #1 on Billboard Modern Rock as well as
#72 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

  Thanks, Wikipedia.  Now, to the videos:

  1: ELVIS COSTELLO AT AMOEBA RECORDS SF + LA 2009 (Songs & Interview)

Shot during the course of one day in June 2009, when Elvis did a noon show
in San Francisco and then jetted to LA for an 8pm gig. Both SRO; both Amoeba
store locations. (I wonder if fellow Liverpudlian Paul McCartney advised Elvis to
do Amoeba shows after his own Amoeba LA gig exactly two years earlier?)
This video features a couple of songs from his latest album,
some "behind the scenes" with fans on line, and an interview with Elvis.
Very good quality audio and video in this "mini-documentary".
(More from the Elvis Amoeba shows available at www.amoeba.com.)


Now let's timewarp back exactly 20 years before the above Amoeba gigs.
The person who posted this little gem writes, "Elvis plays for Warner Brothers
employees out on their patio, June 6 1989. Happier times."
I love this one. Sure, the video and audio is a bit rough,
but it is Elvis solo, performing his new single on, yes, a Burbank office patio!
(and, as is the case for most gems I find online, I found
it by accident while looking for something else). Here is Elvis raw,
playing by himself - a taste of how his younger self might've sounded busking
in Liverpool, just him and his guitar and his passion and a small crowd around
him. Make sure to watch till the very end; his last line is rather amusing.


I believe this was XTC's official video for the single (either in US or UK).
Partridge proudly proffers pure power pop perfected. Love it. Song still shines.
Video's in black and white, and the direction exudes 60s wackiness with
many a nonsensical moment - but, hey, this song is so catchy and fun
it really doesn't matter what the shots are showing. Fun bouncy song,
fun video. Decent quality audio, and visuals are okay for 20-year-old B&W.

  4: XTC "King for a Day" Live on MTV ACOUSTIC SESSIONS 1989

This may be relatively rare, since it sounds like there is hardly anyone in the
audience (listen to the very end) and the beginning is a little rough, but I
like those authentic rough edges. It's a 3-acoustic-guitar version of the song,
another solid pop tune from "Oranges and Lemons". Possibly a rehearsal take.
One YouTube commenter said this about the clip: "5/16/89 MTV Studios.
Very cool stuff pre-dating Unplugged by MANY months. This was MTV's
first foray into this." Good sound quality - and you can see the chords, too.

  Enjoy, everyone!
Till next time...
---------Dr. Don

  Elvis Costello performs live at the GREEK THEATRE on August 18, 2009.
Info: http://www.greektheatrela.com/events/event_details.asp?id=1632

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August 16, 2009

WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE: New Book Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Newly Discovered Pix & Much More

Woodstock Experience - NEW

Among the highlights of the new book Woodstock Experience are contributions from
Peter Max, Paul Krassner and newly discovered photos from Dan Garson,
who is currently being featured on USA TODAY's website along with 19 wonderful photos:

Woodstock Experience - NEW

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August 15, 2009


Featured Event - Posted by Don Rose

On Venice Boulevard just off the 405 is uber-cool gallery space Duncan Miller Gallery,
and they are celebrating Woodstock's 40th Anniversary with a new
exhibit featuring several top rock photographers.
The opening reception is August 15, 2009 from 7 to 10pm.

Here are two samples of what you will see:

Jim Marshall, Woodstock 1969, dye transfer 16 x 20 print

Jim Marshall, Woodstock 1969, silver gelatin 16 x 20 print

Woodstock: The 40th Anniversary in Pictures
Opening reception for artists - Saturday, August 15, 7-10 pm
Woodstock: The 40th Anniversary exhibition runs August 15 to September 25, 2009.
Please join us for the opening reception for the artists on Saturday, August 15, 7-10 pm.

The exhibition features works of Jim Marshall, Baron Wolman, Henry Diltz and Lisa Law.

This show recreates the experience of the ambiance, the crowd and the music of the world’s most famous music festival. On August 15-18, 1969, Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in Bethel, NY was transformed into the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. The organizers expected 200,000 people, but in this muddy cow pasture, over 450,000 people enjoyed a three-day concert experience featuring 32 of the best-known musicians of the day.

The artists:

Jim Marshall's 40-years of photography include famous shots of Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Janis Joplin and other stars in rock music. Since he demanded total access, Marshall often lived 24-7 with his subjects, and his pictures reflect affection for the artists as they describe the musicians' character.

Baron Wolman settled in Haight-Ashbury in the 1960's, in the neighborhood that included Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead living nearby. After meeting Jann Wenner in 1967, Wolman became the chief photographer for Wenner’s new magazine, Rolling Stone.

Henry Diltz embarked on a photographic career with an album cover for The Lovin’ Spoonful. His unique artistic style has produced powerful photographic essays of Woodstock; The Monterey Pop Festival; The Doors; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Jimi Hendrix and scores of other legendary artists.

Lisa Law was backstage taking pictures with The Beatles; Peter, Paul and Mary; The Kingston Trio; Otis Redding; The Lovin Spoonful; The Velvet Underground and The Byrds. Her own house guests included Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. She helped feed hundreds of thousands at Woodstock with the Hog Farm Commune.

The exhibition will be on display through September 25th. For more info, see the print edition of the Sunday, August 9th Los Angeles Times, or click here.

Duncan Miller Gallery
10959 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90034
Thursday-Saturday 11-6 and by appointment

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Parlor Performances' Grand Finale & Fundraiser at Steinway Hall
Parlor-Palooza 2009! 
Entertaining Ideas from the Historical to the Hysterical!  
RSVP & Info: Jeannine@FrankEntertainment.com * (310) 476-6735  

2 days! 4 shows! 26 performers! 1 nutty producer!  

Saturday, August 15 at 4pm & 8pm  
Sunday, August 16 at 2pm & 8pm

Suggested contribution $20 for evening shows * $15 for matinees
Discounts and Pay-What-You-Can tix available with RSVP!
We want to raise money AND fill seats -- so please join us this weekend! 

Seats are still available for all four shows of Parlor-Palooza 2009 this weekend. This two-day marathon features over two dozen of LA's finest and funniest! Each show will be different and features 6 different 15-minute acts. Artists will be donating their time and talent, with all profits going toward the completion of a documentary film (Leave Them Laughing) by Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky about Carla Zilbersmith - a single mom, jazz singer/ comedian/ former theatre professor with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). The goal of the film is to show how one can live life to the fullest under the most challenging of circumstances. Preview Leave Them Laughing, at www.leavethemlaughingfilm.com . 
Some of LA's most beloved comics, humorists and cabaret artists (listed in yellow box below) have signed on - please join us. I promise you'll leave laughing, too! 
STEINWAY HALL @ FIELDS PIANOS * 12121 W. Pico Bl.* West Los Angeles
one door west of Bundy on Level P2 -- under the store * free parking in lot!  

Sat., August 15 * 4pm
(2 hour dinner break -- many great restaurants within 2 blocks!)  
Sat., August 15 * 8pm

Sun., August 16 * 2pm
Sun., August 16 * 8pm 

 8pm shows: $20   *   
2pm & 4pm shows: $15  *  See 2 or more shows * get a discount! 
Intimate 100-seat hall - RSVP early! Cash/check at the door! 
RSVP to Jeannine * (310) 471-3979 * Jeannine@FrankEntertainment.com  
Participating Artists - with links (and missing links)! 

Saturday, August 15 * 4-6pm
* Stephanie Satie's multi-cultural portrait gallery "Coming to America"
* Eco-humorist Vicki Juditz' "Adventures of the Green Housewife"

* Teresa Willis' funny and seriocomic solo play "Eenie Meanie"
* Brad Kay's comic piano wizardry
* Hank Rosenfeld on Irv Brecher (The Wicked Wit of the West)!

Saturday, August 15 * 8-10pm
* Sr. Citizen Cabaret Darling Ray Jessel
* NPR humorist (Seinfeld's Doris Klompus) Annie Korzen
* Letterman favorite Andy Kindler
* Dry-witted, Roseanne writer Betsy Salkind  
* Comic multi-instrumentalist David Zasloff

* Brad Kay's comic piano wizardry -- plus a surprise guest!  

Sunday, August 16 * 2-4pm
* Fred Blanco as Cesar Chavez www.storiesofcesarchavez.com    
* Jonathan Solomon - NPR humorist, Huffington Post contributor
* Darryl Henriques - environmental comedian
* Carol Schlanger - Award-winning comedy writer/satirist
* Conan & Letterman favorite Marc Maron
Sunday, August 16 * 8-10pm
* John Crowther as Frank Lloyd Wright  www.jcrowtherart.com/performance.html    
* Award-winning singer/songwriter Lisa Catherine Cohen
* Four-time MAC Award-winner, witty songwriter Ray Jessel
* Caroline Val Schmidt (Bob Remstein on piano)
* Musical comedy veteran, cabaret diva Amanda Abel
* Murray Meyer - stand-up lawyer!
* Comic songwriter ("Louis & Keely" piano man at the Geffen!) Richard Levinson
 with Courtney de Cosky

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WOODSTOCK 40TH ANNIVERSARY: New Rhino Boxed Set Full of Unreleased Bonuses



Woodstock: 40 Years on Back to Yasgur's Farm

$79.98 CD

In celebration of the landmark festival’s 40th anniversary, Rhino is set to release WOODSTOCK—40 YEARS ON: BACK TO YASGUR’S FARM BOXED SET, the most comprehensive collection of Woodstock performances ever.
Sequenced in the chronological order in which they occurred, the 77-song, six-CD boxed set contains 38 previously unreleased recordings.
After a labor-intensive process of reviewing every inch of multi-track tape, co-producer Andy Zax selected the very best from each of the 33 sets and furthered the collection’s authenticity by including stage announcements, set banter, the sounds of rain, a cameo appearance by Abbie Hoffman, and the graciousness of Max Yasgur’s address to the crowd, heard for the first time in its entirety.
Also for the first time ever, the complete and accurate set lists will be included in the box’s booklet.


  (above content from www.rhino.com/woodstock)

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August 14, 2009


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August 13, 2009

AUG 15: Hot Summer Nights Benefit at World Famous Playboy Mansion

Featured Event - posted by Don Rose

  On August 15, 2009, Hollywood Stars and the Hollywood Elite will come together to celebrate the 3rd annual “2009 Hot Summer Nights” benefiting the United Breast Cancer Foundation. This premiere event hosted by Baywatch Babe Traci Bingham and the “Premier UFC Octagon Girl” Arianny Celeste and co-hosted by Miss Maxim USA Tami Donaldson and model Sarah Stage. Guests will be entertained with the “2009 Concorso Exotica” car show, performances by Strawberry Blonde and Terra Inconita featuring Prophet, celebrity poker tournament, live & silent auctions, over 250 gorgeous models including Playmates, sexy Copa Swimwear and Benchwarmer International Models, go-go dancers and body painted models. The main event comes complete with 4-course gourmet buffet and premium open bar all night long.  Guests will have the opportunity to visit the famous Playboy Mansion grounds and rock out to ambient tunes from several world-class DJ’s.  Hot Summer Nights is hosted by The Hi-Line Group (www.hi-linegroup.com) and produced by The Prive Group (www.theprivegroup.com), a luxury lifestyle entertainment and event production company.

 Guests are invited to visit the 2nd Annual "2009 Concorso Exotica" car show during the Hot Summer Night’s event. The car show sponsored by RPM Lounge will take place on the front lawn of the Playboy Mansion from 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm. A celebrity Poker Tournament will also take place during the 2009 Consorco Exotica.  On display will be various exotic cars from different manufacturers. Body painted models will be painted with exotic car sponsor logos and designs. A separate media wall will be displayed for the car show sponsors and car industry media to conduct press coverage and pictures.

 Celebrities expected to attend include: Traci Bingham, James Lesure, Kevin Connolly, Jason “Heat” Rosell, Arianny Celeste, Brandon Molale, Elise Neal, Claudia Jordan,  Maria Conchita-Alonso, Tami Donaldson, Matt Sorum, Adam Gaynor,  Sarah Stage, Leyla Milani, Anna Kournikova, Lil’ Kim, Emryhs Cooper, Mad Mike, Diggity Dave, Jai Rodriguez, DeeDee Bigalow, Jeff Sanders, Chris Gonzales, Jennifer Yasment Matt Sorum, CC Perkinson, and more.

 Proceeds from the evening will support the United Breast Cancer Foundation’s (UBCF) grants to local L.A. area health care centers and mobile mammography programs. Founded in 2000, the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to serving patients and families who are managing breast cancer. UBCF financially supports a variety of programs dedicated to breast cancer screening and prevention, treatment and patient health and well-being. UBCF educates the public on a variety of breast cancer issues: coping with breast cancer, family support, environmental awareness, dietary options, alternative therapies, research, and prevention.  UBCF is continuing to develop patient and family programs that serve the under and non-insured population.  UBCF funds cutting-edge research to find a cure for breast cancer.  You can learn more about UBCF’s programs and ways to support our mission at www.ubcf.info.  

 The HI-Line Group was founded in 2007 by select individuals who owned their own businesses located in California's Central Valley region. Their vision was to organize charity events, mainly in California, to benefit certain foundations and other groups or organizations. Their goal is to provide an ongoing charity event platform throughout California that continuously raises the awareness of certain diseases, or cultural issues that need voluntary funding. The HI-Line Group is a unique partnership, committed to helping others who are less fortunate.

 General Tickets includes entrance to “Concorso Exotica” Car Show (Poker Tournament excluded)

 “Hot Summer Nights” from 8:00 pm – 1:00 am; "Concorso Exotica" Car Show from 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

 Press check-in begins at 6:00pm, Celebrity Pink Carpet arrivals from 8:00 pm–9:30 pm 

 For more information on the Hot Summer Nights visit www.hotsummernights.biz (Promo Code CEG1503)

 Ladies interested in being considered for a complimentary invitation please register at www.copatalent.com.

 For celebrity guest list, press & media consideration, please contact:
Steven Yamin at Conscience Entertainment Group

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AUG 21: PROJECT ETHOS X: Fashion Music Art at Avalon & Bardot

  More info at www.projectethos.com

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AUG 15: FLUX SUPER 8 SHOW at SCION Art Space Culver City

Flux Super 8

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August 7, 2009


Event Listing posted by Don Rose

Info from the website for new film comedy "Rock Slyde":

"Rock Slyde" LA Premiere - Opening film of the Feel Good Film Festival

When: Fri, August 7, 5:30pm
Where: Egyptian Theatre (Hollywood Blvd at Las Palmas, Hollywood)
Description: The LA premiere at the historic Egyptian Theatre,
site of the first ever Hollywood premiere in the early 1900's.
5:30 - 8 - "Yellow Carpet" / Free Food / Free Vodka in the Egyptian Courtyard.
8 - 10:30 - 2 shorts then the screening of "Rock Slyde".
10:30 Q&A - Patrick Warburton, Elaine Hendrix and several others scheduled to attend.
(Ed. Note: co-stars Andy Dick and Jason Alexander expected!)
11pm - 1 am - "Rock Slyde" afterparty (details TBD).

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  Event Listing by Don Rose

  If you crave something fun to do on the first Friday each month, it is hard to beat First Fridays along Abbot Kinney in Venice. The street is already an uber-cool hang any time of the week - chock full of hot shops, eateries, art galleries and eclectic architecture - but on the first Friday every month even more people stroll the streets and get rewarded with sidewalk sales, treats, eats, sweets and tweets (of music and occasional Twitter updates). Most of the stores stay open late, and there is a general party flair in the air.

  This Friday, an extra icing on the partying cake is the event shown below, at Trim Hair Salon. 6-10pm is the usual running time of First Fridays on AK, so I assume the Trim party will be going somewhere around those hours. Tell 'em The LA Report sent ya.

  Trim Hair Salon. 1424 Abbot Kinney Bl. Venice 90291  www.venicetrim.com
(Info source: http://www.venicepaparazzi.com)


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August 5, 2009


The new 100% electric car from Nissan.

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TECH TOOL TIP: Posterous.com Lets You Blog Via Email & Post to Multiple Sites At Once

by Don Rose

My favorite new tech tool is the service provided by POSTEROUS - and it could be the simplest/easiest blogging system yet devised. Want to update your Posterous blog? Just send an email, containing whatever you want to post, to post@posterous.com and bam -- that email is (almost) instantly posted on your blog (located at namethatyouchoose.posterous.com). The email subject becomes the blog post subject; the text in the email becomes the post text.

But it gets better: you can set up your Posterous blog so that you automatically post that same email to your other sites at once -- like Twitter, Blogger, etc (dozens of choices available). Write once, post many.

Or, you always have to option to target specific sites by adjusting the email address you send to (for example, sending email to twitter@posterous.com posts just to your Twitter page).

And yes, you can post to your P-blog from your mobile phone via SMS. Plus, according to their website, "Posterous does more! Custom domains. Bookmarklet. Group blogs. Private blogs. Video. Audio. Photo galleries. Instant iTunes Podcasts."

And no, I didn't get paid to say all of these nice things. That would be... preposterous.

Simple, easy to use, easy to understand, fast, free. Could be the next big thing in blogging. www.posterous.com

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AUG 5: WRITERS BOOT CAMP, Producer Jeff Dowd Speaks at BERGAMOT BIZ BREAKFAST (Moderated by WBC Founder Jeffrey Gordon) 745-945am

Posted by Don Rose

Jeff Dowd, the independent film consultant and producer, after whom the Big Lebowski character The Dude was patterned, speaks about his role in the production of films such as Chariots of Fire, Gandhi, and Kissing Jessica Stein.

  Writers Boot Camp presents to their community the people who truly know the business. Join them every other Wednesday at their Bergamot Station headquarters to network and to learn where the work is in the entertainment industry.

  The breakfast consists of eggs, potatoes, pastries, fresh fruit, juice & coffee.

  At 8:30am, WBC founder Jeffrey Gordon will introduce the guest speaker for a brief interview and Q&A about their particular expertise, emphasizing professional trends, new opportunities and emerging markets. Doors open at 7:45 am.

  Advance tickets are $20, including breakfast. Tickets at the door (when available) are available for $25. For all Think Tank writers, current and alumni, tickets are $10. Free parking is available in the main Bergamot Station lot, entrance on Michigan (see directions below). For more information, call the WBC office at 310/998-1199.

  Directions to 2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica CA 90404:
From Cloverfield Blvd go east on Michigan Ave
(Michigan Ave is just north of the 10 freeway, running parallel).
Go to the end of the street to the Bergamot Station entrance.
Park inside the lot and walk to the SW corner, Bldg i.

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THURSDAY Aug 6 at 1pm - KOCE - DR. WAYNE DYER on how to improve your life and break through limits ("EXCUSES BEGONE").

FRIDAY Aug 7 at 12pm - KOCE - DR. PERRICONE on health and nutrition.

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August 4, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Spinal Tap trio plays UNWIGGED AND UNPLUGGED song medley LIVE + Interview (HOB on Sunset in LA)


This is a video posted on YouTube of Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer taped at House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard, LA. I believe this was the pre-tour press event that preceded their Unwigged and Unplugged Tour, which happened earlier this year.

Not perfect video, but fairly decent, quite enjoyable and sound's good (tip: click the HQ option for High Quality playback).

The clip begins with a medley of songs from Spinal Tap and the trio's other films, then transitions to an interview onstage between the trio and Kurt Loder (famed MTV news guy).

See www.unwigged.com for more info on the uber-talented actor-musicians and their U&U tour.