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August 31, 2008

AUG 31: NIKE HUMAN RACE IN LA: Kanye West Grand Finale Performance For The Nike+ Human Race - The World’s Largest One Day Running Event

Moby Confirmed To Play London

Music takes center stage at the Nike+ Human Race, the world’s biggest one-day running event taking place on August 31, 2008. The race brings together the power of sport and music to inspire and connect runners from every corner of the planet. Participants in this unprecedented event will experience an exclusive music performance by some of today’s top artists in each of the 25 designated race cities.

In Los Angeles, nine-time Grammy Award winning artist Kanye West will headline the run’s post race concert for the grand finale of the 25-city Nike+ Human Race. Runners will take to the streets passing the city’s most famous landmarks before ending at the LA Coliseum to see West take the stage.

“I’m hitting the stage in Los Angeles for the Nike+ Human Race, Nike's dopest 10k run ever. This race is bringing together hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to run and listen to some great music while serving a higher cause, and I’m excited to perform in L.A. as part of the grand finale.”

West’s performance will bring to a close, an unprecedented day of races and activities around the globe starting in Taipei, ending in LA and including cities across Europe, Asia and North and South America.

In London, runners will be treated to an exclusive performance by world-renowned American DJ, songwriter, musician and singer Moby in the city’s famed Wembley Stadium. Other all-star artists confirmed to play at the Nike+ Human Race include chart-topping rock band All-American Rejects in NY; hometown favorite Fall Out Boy in Chicago; R&B songstress Kelly Rowland in Paris; dance-electro-pop duo The Pinker Tones in Madrid, Turkish pop sensation Kenan Dogulu in Istanbul; the Fantastic Four in Munich; Beijing-based singing duo Yu Quan in Shanghai and American rock band Boy Likes Girl in Singapore.

Beyond running and music, the Nike+ Human Race is also an opportunity to give back. Participants will be able to run for a worthy cause and support the three official Nike+ Human Race charitable partners: the Lance Armstrong Foundation – uniting people in the fight against cancer; WWF - the global conservation organization addressing the causes and impacts of climate change; and the UN refugee agency's ninemillion.org campaign – bringing sport and education to refugee youth. Together, Nike and runners will raise funds to donate at least USD $3 million to the Nike+ Human Race charities. Money will be raised via givebacks from registration fees, a percentage of Nike+ Human Race t-shirt sales and a donation of USD $1 million from Nike.

The Nike+ Human Race will also feature an online pledge tool so individual runners can donate additional funds to the cause of their choice and invite friends and family to contribute on their behalf.

“As a committed runner and a cancer survivor, I’m proud to be participating in the Nike+ Human Race,” Lance Armstrong said. “The race offers the best of both worlds by bringing together a global community to run together and support worthy causes like the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the UN refugee agency’s ninemillion.org and WWF in our combined efforts to have a positive impact on the world.”

Other Nike athletes will also be joining the movement to run with the world and for a cause. Like Lance Armstrong, they will serve as honorary athlete ambassadors for the charities and join in Human Race activities. Six-time marathon winner and current NY Marathon Champion, Paula Radcliffe and middle distance runner Kara Goucher will be running to support WWF, while marathoner Meb Keflezighi will be representing ninemillion.org.

Nikeplus.com will be the official destination for the Nike+ Human Race and for all pre-race training needs. Here, runners can create a personal profile page or stay motivated by sampling and downloading the latest in Nike+ Sport Music offerings. Sport Music offers runners the best in original Training Run and Coaching Mixes designed specifically for treadmill and road runs. Beginning June 15, runners will also be able to visit Race City pages covering local race info and news, Training pages for information and links to in-city training runs, events with official race partners including 24Hour Fitness and Starbucks and Nike+ Coach training. Gear pages covering the latest in Nike performance training gear and Nike+ product will also be offered.

For more information on the Nike+ Human Race and a complete listing of race cities visit nikeplus.com.

Important Nike+ Human Race Links:
YouTube Channel:
Register for race:
Nike Running Blog with details about Run Where You Are and training, etc:
More Human Race info:


An imagined debate between the GOP and the Democrats about the wisdom of John McCain's pick for Vice President, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin:

PRO: McCain has picked a new face, a fresh voice, to help him change Washington.
CON: McCain has handed Obama a huge gift by picking someone with even less experience than Barack has, therefore nullifying the experience issue. Sarah, you're manna from heaven!

PRO: Palin gives the McCain ticket a more youthful feel, since she is so young and attractive. This helps counteract the youthful vitality of Obama.
CON: Palin's youth and vitality makes McCain look that much older by comparison. And McCain's age makes Palin seem even more inexperienced. They look like one of those Hollywood May-September sugar-daddy couples. Wait, that was wrong. Make that January-December.

PRO: But Palin is so young and beautiful, voters will be distracted from McCain's age.
CON: Voters will worry even more about McCain's age, since it makes it more likely that this young, inexperienced ex-model will have to replace him one day.

PRO: Palin will help McCain win over disgruntled Hillary supporters. I mean, she's a woman!
CON: Palin is young and attractive, therefore the opposite of Hillary.

PRO: That was a low blow.
CON: Oh yeah? See Bill laughing and nodding his head over there in the corner?

PRO: Well, polls show Palin gave McCain a big bump.
CON: She gave him a big bump, all right. Viva Viagra, Vivacious Veep!

PRO: McCain has now appeased the GOP conservatives by picking a pro-life conservative.
CON: The GOP conservatives don't have time to go over Palin's views, they are too busy going over her, um, assets. Now they have to deal with sexual urges they thought were long dormant. Talk about Alaskan drilling!

PRO: Palin has been a vocal proponent of opening the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge for more drilling, meaning more oil for Americans and hence lower prices. Palin pick helps pocketbooks.
CON: You mean pickpockets. Palin is in bed with oil, literally. Her husband works for energy giant BP. How can McCain fight the oil companies now? Voters will realize that the drilling (of holes in our pockets) shall remain under McCain.

PRO: Palin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Idaho.
CON: I guess that means she'll be able to ask herself the tough questions. (Like: how can a former beauty queen keep looking hot under the heat of the White House Press Corps?)

PRO: McCain reinforced his "maverick" image by picking someone unexpected and risky as VP.
CON: McCain reinforced his "dangerous" image by picking someone unqualified to be President.

PRO: They say Sarah Palin has a good sense of humor.
CON: What, Michael Palin wasn't available?

PRO: If McCain loses, at least he gets into the history books by picking the first female GOP VP.
CON: Not if. When.


Someone please tell us what this means in plain English:

Composition for stimulating and inducing hair growth
Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 5597575
This application proposes a new topical treatment for the stimulation and induction of hair growth as well as for preventing further hair loss. These pharmacologic results would be achieved by stimulation of an inactive hair follicle or by reversing the dysfunction of the hair follicles or by improvement of the general physiologic state of the scalp skin. It would also stimulate the maturation and differentiation of those cells specifically involved in hair growth either directly or by stimulating the organelles and supporting structures associated with the hair follicle. The topical composition comprises vitamin D3 or various nitro-benzoic acids esters thereof, or the biologically active metabolites of vitamin D3 preferabiy affixed, during preparation to microparticulate charged non-metaliic microparticles and aloe. The final concentration of vitamin D3 in the composition is 0.5% or 500,000 IU by volume. To this composition other agents, vitamins, aminoacids, trace elements or minerals, or polysaccharides can be added in nontoxic amounts. In a trial of a series of patients treated with the composition all were noted to nave cessation of hair loss followed by hair regrowth.


After 1944, a new, non-incumbent Democrat has won the White House every 16 years.

Twice during the past 64 years, a Democratic VP took over the White House when the President died, then went on to win as an incumbent. We view that as an extension of the late President's administration.

1944: Roosevelt-Truman wins. After them, no new Democrat in the White House till...

1960: Kennedy-Johnson wins. After them, no new Democrat in the White House till...

1976: Carter wins. After him, no new Democrat in the White House till...

1992: Clinton wins. After him, no new Democrat in the White House till...

2008: Obama wins (?)

So, the pattern is clear. Like clockwork, since 1944, it always takes 16 years for a new non-incumbent Democrat to win the Presidency. This makes 2008 a sure win for Democrat Obama.


by Don Rose

Every now and then we at The LA Report like to recommend a "Best Bet" and today we do so in the domain of Web Video Series. Our top pick is not the newest on the block, but is one of tbe best we have ever seen: "Chad Vader." Excellent story line, nice bite-sized 5-7 minute episodes, well lit and shot, good acting, and most importantly, near-perfect Vader voice and mannerisms. We highly recommend the Chad Vader series.

Who is Chad Vader, you ask? Darth's brother, who happens to work as Day Shift Manager at a supermarket. Don't ask how or why, he just is. You'll have to watch to learn more, but trust us, it is worth your time. Funny, silly, often hilarious, sometimes even poignant. It just works, and you don't have to have Jedi-level knowledge of Star Wars to enjoy it (although it does enhance the enjoyment here and there). May the Farce be with you.

YouTube - Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 1)
4 min 46 sec - www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wGR4-SeuJ0

August 30, 2008


Report by Don Rose, in Westwood, around midnight Friday night / Saturday morning

I was drinking the new Vivatto beverage (a delicious banana-chocolate blend) at the Starbucks next to the historic Fox Theatre (Broxton at Weyburn) when several people came running into the store. They said they heard a shot. A few minutes later, gathering courage and curiosity, I headed outside. I noticed that, in those few minutes I had waited, Broxton had been roped off (to stop car traffic -- foot traffic was still allowed) between Weyburn and Le Conte.

I talked with a man who works at Habibi Cafe, a popular hangout for food and drink located on that stretch of street. He said he heard at least four shots fire, and he pointed to a tree that got belted with a bullet (southeast corner of Broxton and Le Conte). There were now about a dozen cops on the scene, some squad cars and an ambulance. The man from Habibi said the police got the gunman -- but the strange part, he said, was that the gunman just had lunch at the Habibi Cafe earlier that day, and seemed perfectly fine.

August 29, 2008


Humanitaire's “Battle-of-the-DJs” Event, Benefiting Global Green USA, Will Be Hosted by Actor Andrew Keegan

On August 29, 2008, the AVALON on Vine Street in Hollywood is the place to be for top entertainment featuring a green theme. Five up and coming DJs will go head to head and battle with beats for a giant grand prize, and you vote the winner! Headliners DJ Rap & LA Riots will cap the night.

The all-green event will be powered by GPG Bio-Diesel generators, and 100% of ticket proceeds will be donated to Global Green USA. VIP Guests will walk a “green” carpet, enjoy the Eel Brewing Company free “green” beer garden, and collect swag, products and information from the sponsor villa at the VIP pre-party.

The event is put on by Humanitaire, "the first all green, for green entertainment company in Hollywood."

TICKETS: General Admission: $40; VIP Admission: $60 (while tickets last). More information at: http://humanitaireentertainment.org.

August 28, 2008


by Bruce Braunstein
edited by Don Rose

I had the privilege of seeing a great documentary -- The Wrecking Crew -- playing as part of DocuWeek at the Arclight in Hollywood. DocuWeek is not a film festival. It is a project by the IDA (http://www.documentary.org/) to help films qualify for Academy Award consideration. A documentary has to play for a week in Los Angeles and New York to qualify for the Oscars.
Docuweek: The Wrecking Crew
The Wrecking Crew tells the story of the musicians behind the hits. It turns out this small group of musicians played on all the big hits from LA in the 60s. It's amazing -- they play music for artists like the Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Frank Sinatra, the Chipmunks, the Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, and Gary Lewis and the Playboys. You name it -- they did it.

A musician like Herb Alpert would come in with a lead sheet; the studio musicians would take the simple set of chords and turn it into a hit. Songs like A Taste of Honey were recorded at little recording studios like Goldstar that were scattered throughout Hollywood. Producers like Phil Spector would use the same musicians over and over again to create the Wall of Sound.

Members of the crew included Carol Kaye, the only female. She could keep up with the best of them. She was known for her incredible bass lines and guitar riffs echo through the music of the 60s. Saxophonist Plass Johnson contributed a distinctive sound, and drummer Earl Palmer could do almost anything on percussion.

The emotional center of the film is the story of guitarist Tommy Tedesco. The film was put together by his son, Danny Tedesco, who took all the existing archival photographs, clips and interviews and, in the time before his father passed away, gathered together the members of the Wrecking Crew and shot them in 16mm film, in order to get their stories out. Composer Jimmy Webb said, "they were stone cold rock 'n roll professionals, and there may never ever be a group of rock 'n roll musicians of that caliber again..."

Everyone knows that the Monkees didn't play their own music at first. Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone magazine has kept blocking the Monkees' entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because they didn't originally play their own instruments. (Lead singer Mickey Dolenz said that he viewed the Monkees as actors playing the part of musicians.) But what most people may not realize is that there are songs in which bands like the Association and the Beach Boys didn't play the music either. For example, the Wrecking Crew were the musicians that you heard on Good Vibrations.

The Wrecking Crew provided the sound on thousands of records, but nothing goes on forever. Eventually, styles changed and the crew wasn't in demand anymore. Singer-songwriters learned to play their own instruments and studio musicians weren't as needed as before. Fortunately, because of his musical ability and versatility, Tommy Tedesco was able to continue working as a studio musician, long after the demand for his work in rock and roll had dried up.

I loved this film. The music is great, featuring over 100 different songs (nearly all huge hits) from the 60's. Even though the extraordinary musicians featured in this documentary played the music on all these tunes, their names are not on the records. They worked anonymously, they got paid, and they didn't get credit. This film finally pays them the tribute they deserve. The movie deserves a wider release, since it is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen in a long time. Thanks to IDA and DocuWeek for enabling Angelenos to see such a fine film as The Wrecking Crew. You can get more information about the film and future screenings at http://www.wreckingcrew.tv/.

August 23, 2008


News and Commentary by Don Rose

It's finally official: Barack Obama has tapped veteran Senate colleague Joe Biden to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

The choice brings a wealth of experience, especially in foreign policy, an area which some feel is a weakness for Obama. Biden's selection also gives further evidence that this is indeed The Year of the Senator. Two Senators now sit atop the Democratic party ticket, another Senator sits atop the GOP ticket, and a fourth Senator (Hillary Clinton) came in a very close second in the Demo race -- and still may be a powerful force at the upcoming convention in "Dem-ver", given her huge block of delegates (a mere 300 or so behind the presumptive Democratic nominee).

My only beef with Biden is the way he gave misdirections leading up to Obama's official announcement. If Joe did know he was a go, why tell the press "I'm not the guy"? Can't a veteran politician give vague comments that sound definitive yet leave the door open without being untrue? Like, "Look you guys, I am not running for Vice President." Technically that's true. No one actually runs for Veep anymore, they get appointed/anointed (unlike back in the day, when the VP used to be the guy who came in second in the general election, even if the Prez and V.Prez were from different parties -- yep, this was way way back in the day).

Speaking of back in the day, the election of 2008 is becoming more and more like the election of 1960. As with Obama-McCain, the Kennedy-Nixon battle of 1960 was in large part over experience. There are other similarities between Barack and Jack, too. For starters, the last 3 letters in their first names. Okay, that was a stretch. But seriously, parallels abound. When he ran for Prez, JFK was, like Obama, a young, thin, handsome Senator with two kids who raised doubts in many voters' minds about experience, and toughness when dealing with enemy nations (USSR/Cuba for JFK, Iraq/Iran for Obama). Another striking similarity: each triggered issues about religion. For Kennedy, it was his being a Roman Catholic and would he be beholden to the Pope over the interests of US citizens. For Obama, as that recent sold-out New Yorker cover tried to satirize, it is those lingering false allegations about him being Muslim, not Christian.

Just as Kennedy did by picking Lyndon Johnson, Obama got pragmatic for his Democratic mate and chose a fellow Senator, one with more experience, to be Veep. And for his acceptance speech, Obama opted to deliver it in a stadium. Who was the last candidate to accept his party's nomination in a stadium? You guessed it: JFK. So... if 2008 is indeed a rerun of 1960, then Obama will win in an extremely close race, and Joe is just Biden time till he inevitably becomes President. You heard it here first.

Some other interesting notes, from USA TODAY's coverage of the Biden VP pick:

"Like Obama, Biden burst onto the political scene as a wunderkind: he was elected to the Senate in 1972 at the age of 29. He attained the constitutional age of 30 required for senators before his swearing-in."

"Biden is running for re-election for his eighth Senate term this year, but Delaware law will allow him to seek both his Senate seat and the vice-presidency."

"The Obama campaign used excitement over the vice presidential announcement to create an elaborate cellphone number harvesting system, telling supporters they could be among the 'first to know' if they sent a text message from their portable phones to the campaign. But the text message went out in the wee hours of Saturday morning, well after many news outlets named Biden as the running mate late Friday — proving that the political rumor mill remains more efficient than the high-tech information highway."

While this last point may indeed be true, you gotta give huge kudos to the politicos in Obama's camp for dreaming up the whole text-the-Veep idea. First, it further bolsters Obama's brand as "man of the future" (e.g., new technologies -- well, at least newfangled to many voters in McCain's demographic) -- and it also gives Barack a huge base of cell phones to text GO VOTE reminders to come November. Or perhaps they'll use each of those cell numbers to text a $5 gas voucher on Election Day; that would really seal the deal. Too techie? Then just mail me 20 quarters. Now that would be change I can believe in.

August 22, 2008


posted by Don Rose
based on info from Lynn Hasty (Green Galactic) and Jeff Gund (Infolist.com)

Peace Arch Entertainment & Vitagraph Films Present
Opens August 22nd, 2008 in Los Angeles & Irvine
followed by a very special LIVE Q&A with
Writer/Director: Rodger Grossman
Cast Members: Shane West, Bijou Phillips, Noah Segan &
Original Germs band members: Don Bolles, Lorna Doom and Pat Smear
at the Nuart Theatre Opening Weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008
7:30pm Showing: Q&A following the screening.
10pm Showing: Introduction prior to the screening.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
5:00pm Showing: Q&A following the screening.
7:30pm showing: Introduction to the screening.

Location: The Nuart Theatre
11272 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90025
(just west of the 405 Freeway)
(310) 281-8223


will be at the Nuart Theatre from
Friday, August 22 - Thursday, August 28, 2008 for daily shows.
The showtimes are: 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm, 10pm, and 11:59pm daily.


Please visit: www.landmarktheatres.com/market/LosAngeles/NuartTheatre.htm
Once you're there, you'll need to click the red "Click Here" under "Buy Advance Tickets Online" (note: Don't click the red "Features & Showtimes" - you won't be able to buy tickets there). THEN, you'll need to select the appropriate Show Date from the pulldown menu, and continue from there. OR, you may purchase tickets at the theater boxoffice.

Ticket Prices are $10.50, or $7.50 for bargain shows (see link above for details)


1970s Los Angeles, Nihilist Philosophy, Glam Rock, Drugs, Booze, Closeted Homosexuality, Dianetics, a Yen for Rock and Roll Immortality - a convergence of forces that shaped the short, self-destructive life of Jan Paul Beahm, a fatherless boy raised by an alcoholic mother and abandoned by an older brother who died of a drug-overdose -a kid who reinvented himself coming out of a high school program for outcasts, as the one and only DARBY CRASH, the legendary lead singer of the seminal Los Angeles Punk band, The Germs.Shane West ("ER," "ONCE AND AGAIN"), Bijou Phillips (CHOKE, BULLY), Rick Gonzalez (ILLEGAL TENDER, COACH CARTER) and Noah Segan (BRICK, CHAIN LETTER) star in WHAT WE DO IS SECRET, a biopic that chronicles the rise of The Germs and their charismatic leader Darby Crash whose image - the contorted, screaming face and death grip on the microphone, has become an icon of the U.S. punk movement and a rapt influence on bands since. Darby's cultivated punk attitude, resplendent with the hardcore, infamous onstage self-mutilation antics and volatile energy that inspired the band's mesmerized followers to riot, ultimately banned The Germs from playing every venue in the greater Los Angeles area.

But how did it start? It all started with a germ.



Writer/Director: Rodger Grossman.
Producers: Matt Perniciaro, Kevin Mann, Rodger Grossman, Todd Traina and Stephen Nemeth.
Line Producer: Bruce Wayne Gillies.
Executive Producers: Shane West, Michael LaFetra and King Records.
Story by: Rodger Grossman and Michelle Baer Ghaffari.
Director of Photography: Andrew Huebscher.
Production Designer: John R. Mott.
Film Editors: Ross Albert and Joel Platch.
Music Supervisor: Howard Paar.
Music Composer: Anna Waronker.
Co-Producers: Michelle Baer Ghaffari and Andy Wombwell.
Co-Executive Producers: Andre Relis and Lise Romanoff.


On Sat. Aug. 23 and Sun. Aug. 24, the 28th Annual Sunset Junction Street Festival returns to Los Angeles. The annual street fair and music/food festival is a fave of many Angelenos, especially those who live closeby in the Silver Lake area. If you're heading out to Sunset Junction (10am - 11pm both days), stop by The Germs / What We Do Is Secret booth for fun giveaways, contests, drawings, meet and greets, signings, limited edition items and surprises. More info at http://www.sunsetjunction.org/streetfair.html.

For more information on the Germs in Concert, cast and band member appearances at the theatres, and Sunset Junction, visit www.whatwedoissecretthemovie.com.

August 17, 2008


by Don Rose

Punk rock ain't dead, it just moved to West LA.

The annual Punk Rock BBQ returned to Liquid Kitty on August 17, 2008. Once again, the small-but-popular Westside eatery/bar provided grub for guests (hot dogs, steak, buns, tortillas and fixins), plus (as the poster says) "cheap beer." Bands aplenty kept the punk popping and pumping all day and into the early eve.

We especially dug the "Punk Sucks" T-shirt one dog-downing dude donned for the party, and the perambulations of the headlining band's lead singer, who repeatedly ventured into the audience to shower (or is it spit and spew?) his vocal stylings on the packed crowd. The pics below capture both dudes, and more. Note that the singer moved so fast, a strange blur-image resulted (after my Nokia 6263 cell cam gave a valiant effort to keep up), but we think the overall final effect is kinda cool.

August 14, 2008

Final Draft, Inc. Announces The Big Break International Screenwriting Contest Judges

Industry Jury Chosen for 9th Annual Contest

Posted by Don Rose, Editor, TheLAReport.com

(CALABASAS, CA – August 13, 2008) Final Draft, Inc., publisher of Final Draft, the #1-selling scriptwriting software, announces jury members for its 9th annual Big Break International Screenplay Contest. These stellar jury members represent award-winning writers and development executives. They will judge the top-10 scripts in September, and the top-three winners will be announced at an awards event in October.

The 2008 judges are:

Dana Stevens—Writer: Life or Something Like It; For Love of the Game; City of Angels

Benderspink management/production—A History of Violence; The Ring; Red Eye

Blake Snyder—author: Save the Cat!: The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need

Bruce Feirstein—Writer: The World is Not Enough; Tomorrow Never Dies; GoldenEye.

About Final Draft, Inc.'s Big Break International Screenwriting Contest

The Big Break contest is an annual, global screenwriting competition designed to promote emerging creative talent. The winner is awarded $15,000 cash plus meetings with industry professionals and a year-long mentorship through CineStory. Now in its ninth year, the Big Break contest has become one of the most popular in the nation because of its generous payout and previous winners’ successes. Winners and finalists alike have had their screenplays optioned and produced, and have secured high-profile representation as well as lucrative writing deals. The first contest's winner, Dawg, by Ken Hastings, was produced and shot by Gold Circle Films (starring Elizabeth Hurley and Denis Leary). The 2004 winner Rylend Grant was quickly signed by CAA and secured a six-figure deal to write for an A-list actress and an Oscar® -winning director. 2005 winner Julia Van Develder's The Escape Artist is in pre-production after being optioned by a U.K. production company with an award-winning director attached. The Big Break 2007 winner Robert Frisbee was quickly signed by Benderspink management. For more information about the Big Break contest, visit www.finaldraft.com/big-break.

About Final Draft, Inc.

Final Draft, Inc. was founded in 1991 to develop a scriptwriting program that allows the writer to concentrate on the creative process and not on Hollywood's stringent formatting rules. Since then, Final Draft has become the Hollywood professional's choice and the world's #1-selling scriptwriting program.In 2006, Final Draft acquired Script magazine and its ancillary events and services.For more information about Final Draft, Inc. and other product offerings, visit www.finaldraft.com

August 10, 2008


Celebrity Chefs, Wine Expo, Barista Competitions, the Ferdinand Metz Foodservice Forum and More Await Thousands of Restaurant & Foodservice Professionals

Featured Event posted by Don Rose - TLR Calendar Listing

Restaurant and foodservice industry professionals from throughout the West Coast and beyond will have the opportunity to uncover ideas they use immediately to boost their business, taste hundreds of new foods from all over the world, see dozens of new products, watch cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs, and gain valuable information during the annual Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo, which will once again take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 23 to 25, 2008.

Highlights of the 3-day event:

· The Expo Hall will host 650 exhibiting companies showcasing everything for the front and back of a restaurant and foodservice establishment with products ranging from equipment to gourmet foods.

· The Ferdinand Metz Foodservice Forum now LIVE on the Show Floor! Three theatres offering over two dozen FAST AND FURIOUS 30-minute educational sessions featuring the leading consultants and executives from several of the most-recognized companies in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

· Attendees can lounge in the “Hot Spot” Culinary Extravaganza where they will be treated to dynamic and entertaining demonstrations throughout the three day event adding to the overall excitement of the Expo.

· The 3rd annual Ultimate Barista Challenge™ hosted by Whole Cup Coffee Consulting will be the place where professional baristi will face challengers on the exhibition floor as they prepare their signature espresso beverages for a panel of discerning judges.

· Other features on the Expo floor will include the Consultant Services Center, featuring FCSI Consultants; The Energy Efficient Theatre Kitchen; The Wine Garden, International Tasting Arena; and much more.

2008 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo. Saturday, August 23 – Monday, August 25, 2008. Los Angeles Convention Center, Downtown LA. The annual expo is produced and managed by Reed Exhibitions, and sponsored by CRA (the California Restaurant Association). For more information on exhibiting or attending the Expo, call 800-840-5612 or visit the official show website at www.westernfoodexpo.com.


Kirk. Spock. Bones. Scotty. They are all free, thanks to AOL. No, they weren't released from prison; their episodes of Star Trek: TOS (The Original Series) are available to watch on AOL. Yes, full episodes, no charge.

Here is the link, Trekkers and Trekkies:
You can thank us later.

The other option for Angelenos who want free Trek:TOS is to watch at midnight on Channel 5 here in LA. But then you may develop flipper-finger by going back and forth to SNL on Channel 4. Decisions, decisions.

August 9, 2008

ESSAY: SNL, The Chevy Chase Ban, Sunspots and Heroes

by Don Rose

From TLR's Ironic Comic corner comes today's strange fact: comedian/actor Chevy Chase, who gained his initial fame by starring on SNL (Saturday Night Live for the abbreviationally challenged), is banned from ever hosting the show again. Hard to believe, was my first reaction -- but would Wikipedia lie? Here are the stats Wikipedia lists:

Chevy Chase
9 (number of SNL episodes hosted)
February 18, 1978 (First Hosted)
February 15, 1997 (Last Hosted)
5 (Number of Special Cameos)
First former cast member to host more than five times.
Was banned from ever hosting again in

Why would this happen, you ask? According to funtrivia.com, here is the explanation:

After hosting nine times, former SNL regular Chevy Chase was banned from ever hosting the show again after the February 15, 1997 episode due to his verbal abuse of the cast and crew during the week. Even though Chevy Chase has been banned from hosting, he did make cameo appearances in two episodes: the February 20, 1999 episode in a sketch where Bill Murray (the episode host) plugs a book featuring famous quotes from the movie Caddyshack, and the October 6, 2001 episode where he reprises his role as The Land Shark and eats Tina Fey during Weekend Update. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banned_From_SNL

Now, we here at The LA Report are biased, since Chevy is one of our comedy heroes. But may we humbly suggest to the SNL folks that there should be a period of penalty, sure, but eventually, a chance at redemption. Hasn't an 11 year Chevy ban been enough? Perhaps SNL can give Chevy a second chance AND get comedic mileage out of such a grand return. Like, have Chevy co-host with a random unfunny person to fulfill the rule that he never host again (he would be CO-hosting, after all). Or, show Chevy going through a futuristic Clockwork Orange type conditioning to prevent him from ever verbally abusing anyone again, lest he suffer inner pangs of pain, guilt and stomach convulsions. Just some ideas here. We just think Chevy should get a shot at a hosting comeback.

If our Sun has an 11 year sunspot cycle, perhaps S Sun L can have a Host Ban Cycle. The fact that that last sentence made little sense shows how deeply we feel about this. If we are willing to throw out all journalistic quality for one sentence, surely we must be desperate to make a point here. There are so few heroes left anymore, we think the public should be allowed to savor all we still have. We want Chevy to host again. Can't we Chase that dream?

August 6, 2008


The LA Report discovered Falafel Chips at the excellent annual confab called NPE West (Natural Products Expo), and we're sure glad we did. Eating Falafel Chips is like tasting a real falafel, no foolin'. Great taste, and even better with hummus, or our favorite -- babaganush (aka minced eggplant, if you're not a foodie). All natural, healthy ingredients.

Overall, Falafel Chips wins our recommendation as a TLR Best Bet, Food category. Go get some today, you'll love 'em.

Note: you can get a small bag for a nice lunch snack, or a larger one for serious consuming. Several flavors available, including the enticing Spicy.

Review by Don Rose

August 3, 2008


Tuesday August 5 is the 46th anniversary of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe's untimely passing. A memorial hosted by the Marilyn Remembered fan club begins at 11 a.m. in the Pierce Brothers' chapel in Westwood.

That evening, at 10:30 pm on Time Warner Cable, there will be a special broadcast of 'The Ultimate Marilyn - Volume 3' hosted by actor Harrison Held featuring Monroe friends and colleagues. Stanley Rubin (esteemed producer of 'River of No Return'), actress Kathleen Hughes ('Universal's Marilyn'), Sylvia Barnhardt (hairdresser to the stars and 'the woman who made Marilyn blonde'), actress/artist Diana Herbert (from Marilyn's first film 'Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay') and renowned author John Gilmore ('Inside Marilyn Monroe') are all part of this exciting, informative and entertaining show. Marilyn fans may also watch it online in the very near future at www.HarrisonHeldStarMedia.com.

Speaking of Hollywood icons, Kat Kramer (daughter of legendary director/producer Stanley Kramer as well as Katharine Hepburn's god-daughter, singer, actress and producer) is very pleased to announce the trailer for her new web series entitled 'My Duet With Mick'! Inspired by the acclaimed film 'My Date With Drew' about pursuing one's dreams, Ms. Kramer's goal is to get legendary rock star Mick Jagger to join her in a duet, performing one of his songs on her CD entitled 'Gem Stone', a collection of Jagger songs she has covered. Proceeds from the CD will go to Music Education.

August 2, 2008


August 2nd, 2008, from 7 to 11, Capsole presents the opening reception for artist Branded at its Melrose space. See image for details. Open bar, live screen printing, and free print for first 100 attendees.

Their closing reception is August 30, in case you miss tonight because you are, say, at the Hollywood Bowl seeing Eric Idle merge "Life of Brian" with Handel's Messiah in his new production, "Not the Messiah."

Then again, these two audiences are probably mutually exclusive, so never mind. Just go. Somewhere.

Capsole, 7320 1/2 Melrose, Hollywood, in the La Brea - Fairfax area.


Another installment of LAnguage pLAy, The LA Report's periodic creation (or recreation) of new words that sound useful or fun for Angelenos and even those outside Los Angeles:

Comprovisation: a work of art (e.g., music) that is partly composed and partly improvised.

Illucination: a hallucination experienced while ill or as an after effect of illness.

August 1, 2008


NASA is reporting that the white stuff their robot's scooper has dug up on Mars is indeed water. Yes, testing has finally proved what the mission scientists suspected ever since seeing the white substance in the area dug up by the robot. The landing site is apparently an icy place. In fact, on NPR one scientist joked that with a broom up at the landing site one could reveal an area suitable for some pretty good skating.

Next testing on the Martian surface: looking for signs of carbon.

In other Mars related news, the classic sci-fi film "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" will screen as part of the American Cinematheque's 8th Annual Festival of Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror. On Sunday, August 17 at 7:30 PM, the film will screen as the first half of a Vintage Sci-Fi Double Feature: "IB Technicolor Print! ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, 1964, Paramount, 110 min. Paul Mantee stars as an astronaut abandoned on the Red Planet, dealing with simple necessities like finding drinkable water and avoiding marauding aliens, in this wonderfully human 1960s sci-fi flick. Directed with surefire confidence by WAR OF THE WORLDS and "Outer Limits" veteran Byron Haskin, from an excellent script by Ib Melchior and John C. Higgins. Co-starring Adam West (TV’s "Batman") and Vic Lundin. Don’t miss this chance to see the rarely revived ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS in a beautiful CinemaScope Technicolor print!" The other feature screening that night: the "Ultra-Rare" MUTINY IN OUTER SPACE.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)
Directed by Byron Haskin. With Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin, Adam West. Stranded on Mars with only a monkey as a companion, an astronaut must figure out how ... www.imdb.com/title/tt0058530