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August 21, 2009


Event Report - Posted by Don Rose

On the evening of August 20th, singer, songwriter and dance pop sensation ERIKA JAYNE was feted with a very special event at Coco de Mer in honor of her newly released debut album PRETTY MESS (E1 Music) which features three #1 Billboard Dance Club Play singles including the current “Give You Everything.”

Special guests who packed the luxury erotica boutique on LA's ultra-hip Melrose Avenue included singer/songwriter Jody Watley, actor Michael Des Barres, authors Christopher Ciccone and Neil Strauss, Coco de Mer shop owner Justine Roddick, multi-Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Val Garay, famed choreographer Mikey Minden, make-up artist and photographer Troy Jensen and music producers The Perry Twins, Dave Aude and DJ Irene.

In addition to champagne, delicious treats and provocatively dressed burlesque dancers from Michelle Carr (who embodied the store’s high-end naughty sensibility), the evening featured an erotica poetry reading from the Marquis Michael Des Barres. He included an erotic poem especially for ERIKA, the glamorous Atlanta-born, Los Angeles transplant glamorous artist whose music reels you in with her alluring vocals, catchy melodies and electro beats, not to mention an infectious taste of decadence.

Here’s a sample from Des Barres’ poem for ERIKA:

“In that glorious moment, in that true moment of connection and ecstasy
Your body shudders as she slips and slides beneath you.
Moves her hips to the rhythm of surrender.
You gasp as she performs for you,
yearns for you.
She shows you everything with no inhibition.
Such an exhibition of pure, tarnished, electric dirty beauty.”

For photos of the event, see:


Associated Press

Meanwhile, for more from ERIKA, check out this recent Q&A where she talks about PRETTY MESS:

The first sentence of your bio reads: "If disco balls, ecstasy, pearls, Studio 54, sex, crystal chandeliers, Purple Rain, and Crème Brule, could be whipped in a blender and made into a delicious pop-dance musical confection, you would have Pretty Mess, the debut CD from dance-pop s latest sensation Erika Jayne." Can you elaborate on your fascination with fantasy and decadence?

Erika Jayne: The world can be a harsh place to live in--I prefer to focus on things that allow people to use their imagination and feel better about life.

Congrats on your new hit and third #1 dance single “Give You Everything.” What do you feel is the special charm on this song—it’s connecting real fast with listeners in the dance clubs?

It’s fun and everyone has found that one person who captures their heart.

What are your favorite songs on the album? Which were the most fun to write and record?

“Beautiful” and “Pretty Mess” are my favorites--both are a little windows into my soul.

What inspires you artistically beyond music itself? Any films, books or other cultural stimuli?

Black and white movies and erotic poetry.

You have a fearless and bold quality to your persona. How did this develop?

Many hard knocks.

You love to entertain. What’s your favorite thing to serve? Do you have a signature cocktail?

Tons of caviar and the champagne flows freely.

If you were to do a private performance for anyone in the world–living or deceased–who would be in the audience?

Marlena Dietrich, Jack Kennedy and Frank Sinatra.

You have a great set of male dancers you perform with. How do you pick them out? Do you audition them yourself?

Mikey Minden hand picked the boys and I must say he did a GREAT job.

Who are some of your favorite clothing designers?

Alexander McQueen,20John Galliano.

How did you get hooked up with Sheila E. (who plays percussion on the sexually charged “Time to Realize,” one of the four songs Erika co-wrote)? What was it like working with her?

Sheila was working down the hall and I asked Peter Rafelson to introduce us because I’m such a fan and we became friends. Having her on my album is simply amazing.

You are a very well-traveled woman. What are some of the most memorable places you’ve been?

Hanoi, Vietnam was quite interesting. Tanzania was amazing and Managua, Nicaragua was the scariest.

What are your top 20 favorite songs at the moment?

  1. deadmau5 “Attention Whore” - Provocative lyrics on top of a hot track.
  2. Madonna “Lucky Star” - That’s my girl.
  3. Frank Sinatra “My Way” - Is there any other way?
  4. Eric B and Rakim “Paid in Full” - Rakim is amazing.
  5. Louis Prima “Jump Jive an’ Wail” - I feel like dancin’!!!!
  6. The Doors “LA Woman” - I’m an LA woman and I like it.
  7. Buckcherry “Crazy Bitch” - No explanation necessary.
  8. Patsy Cline “Walking After Midnight” - Tough broad, smooth voice.
  9. LMFAO “I’m in Miami Bitch” - When I want to escape.
  10. Isley Brothers “Between The Sheets” - My favorite place to be….
  11. Teddy Bears “Cobra Style” - Make me wanna party.
  12. Samuel Barber “Adagio for Strings, op. 11” - Pure harmonic genius and tragic romance at it’s finest.
  13. Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls” - Being bad gets a bad rap.
  14. Edith Piaf “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” - Brilliant.
  15. Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way” - Pure unadulterated pop—Love it.
  16. Bon Jovi “You Give Love a Bad Name” - Love the 80’s!!!
  17. Queen “Fat Bottomed Girls” - Freddy always turned it out .
  18. The Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Woman” - Brings out the trash in all of us.
  19. Notorious BIG “Juicy” - Gone too soon.
  20. Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” - Simply the greatest, period.

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