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August 15, 2009


Parlor Performances' Grand Finale & Fundraiser at Steinway Hall
Parlor-Palooza 2009! 
Entertaining Ideas from the Historical to the Hysterical!  
RSVP & Info: Jeannine@FrankEntertainment.com * (310) 476-6735  

2 days! 4 shows! 26 performers! 1 nutty producer!  

Saturday, August 15 at 4pm & 8pm  
Sunday, August 16 at 2pm & 8pm

Suggested contribution $20 for evening shows * $15 for matinees
Discounts and Pay-What-You-Can tix available with RSVP!
We want to raise money AND fill seats -- so please join us this weekend! 

Seats are still available for all four shows of Parlor-Palooza 2009 this weekend. This two-day marathon features over two dozen of LA's finest and funniest! Each show will be different and features 6 different 15-minute acts. Artists will be donating their time and talent, with all profits going toward the completion of a documentary film (Leave Them Laughing) by Academy Award-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky about Carla Zilbersmith - a single mom, jazz singer/ comedian/ former theatre professor with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). The goal of the film is to show how one can live life to the fullest under the most challenging of circumstances. Preview Leave Them Laughing, at www.leavethemlaughingfilm.com . 
Some of LA's most beloved comics, humorists and cabaret artists (listed in yellow box below) have signed on - please join us. I promise you'll leave laughing, too! 
STEINWAY HALL @ FIELDS PIANOS * 12121 W. Pico Bl.* West Los Angeles
one door west of Bundy on Level P2 -- under the store * free parking in lot!  

Sat., August 15 * 4pm
(2 hour dinner break -- many great restaurants within 2 blocks!)  
Sat., August 15 * 8pm

Sun., August 16 * 2pm
Sun., August 16 * 8pm 

 8pm shows: $20   *   
2pm & 4pm shows: $15  *  See 2 or more shows * get a discount! 
Intimate 100-seat hall - RSVP early! Cash/check at the door! 
RSVP to Jeannine * (310) 471-3979 * Jeannine@FrankEntertainment.com  
Participating Artists - with links (and missing links)! 

Saturday, August 15 * 4-6pm
* Stephanie Satie's multi-cultural portrait gallery "Coming to America"
* Eco-humorist Vicki Juditz' "Adventures of the Green Housewife"

* Teresa Willis' funny and seriocomic solo play "Eenie Meanie"
* Brad Kay's comic piano wizardry
* Hank Rosenfeld on Irv Brecher (The Wicked Wit of the West)!

Saturday, August 15 * 8-10pm
* Sr. Citizen Cabaret Darling Ray Jessel
* NPR humorist (Seinfeld's Doris Klompus) Annie Korzen
* Letterman favorite Andy Kindler
* Dry-witted, Roseanne writer Betsy Salkind  
* Comic multi-instrumentalist David Zasloff

* Brad Kay's comic piano wizardry -- plus a surprise guest!  

Sunday, August 16 * 2-4pm
* Fred Blanco as Cesar Chavez www.storiesofcesarchavez.com    
* Jonathan Solomon - NPR humorist, Huffington Post contributor
* Darryl Henriques - environmental comedian
* Carol Schlanger - Award-winning comedy writer/satirist
* Conan & Letterman favorite Marc Maron
Sunday, August 16 * 8-10pm
* John Crowther as Frank Lloyd Wright  www.jcrowtherart.com/performance.html    
* Award-winning singer/songwriter Lisa Catherine Cohen
* Four-time MAC Award-winner, witty songwriter Ray Jessel
* Caroline Val Schmidt (Bob Remstein on piano)
* Musical comedy veteran, cabaret diva Amanda Abel
* Murray Meyer - stand-up lawyer!
* Comic songwriter ("Louis & Keely" piano man at the Geffen!) Richard Levinson
 with Courtney de Cosky

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