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July 27, 2010


Posted by Don Rose, Editor in Chief

SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles (downtown at The LA Convention Center and surrounding venues) is by far the best place in the world to experience the explosive evolution of computer graphics and interactive techniques. See, meet, and interact with the "People Behind the Pixels" who are creating the next wave of international excellence in research, animation, art, software, visualization, hardware, games, visual effects, and education. Gain amazing insights, enrich your skill set, and expand your worldwide contacts.

To help maximize your ability to see the wide array of amazing content, here are some tips on how to get the most out of your time.

Check out the SIGGRAPH 2010 By Focus pages (Research, Games, Students or Education for instance).

Interested in research? Make sure you attend the Technical Papers Fast Forward on Monday night. It's a preview of all the recent advancements that will be presented in the Technical Papers sessions, so it will help you plan the rest of your week.

Save at least one night to attend the Computer Animation Festival Evening Theater, where you'll see the finest in the past year's technical and artistic achievement in animation, visual effects, and scientific visualization.

Have some time between Courses? Don't miss the Art Gallery, The Studio, and Emerging Technologies.

Check out the Birds of a Feather sessions, a good place to find your niche or catch up with old schoolmates and former co-workers!

While you are at SIGGRAPH 2010, look for people with lots of pins on their badges and ask them for suggestions (or ask them what all those pins are for!). After all, 2010 is about the “People Behind the Pixels”.

Knowing that many SIGGRAPH conference attendees rely on their employers to fund their registration and travel in part or in full, the folks at SIGGRAPH have developed the following value-based talking points for you to share with your boss. Or, if you don't have a boss, think of these as the Top Ten Reasons to Attend SIGGRAPH 2010:

1. Value
Learn all the latest techniques, tips, and technologies in one location at a very reasonable price. SIGGRAPH 2010’s exclusive educational programs offer the best return on investment for your organization’s training budget.

2. Hands-On Knowledge
Consolidate new knowledge and skills by working directly with the experts in the field. In SIGGRAPH 2010’s workshops and studios, you’ll develop the professional assets you need for another year of creative and business success.

3. Time Optimization
Explore the full spectrum of computer graphics and interactive techniques in one intense, rewarding week. At SIGGRAPH 2010, you’ll gain knowledge, contacts, and skills that could take over a year to acquire elsewhere.

4. Customization
Design the conference experience that delivers the best value for you and your organization. SIGGRAPH 2010 offers a very diverse range of sessions, experiences, and collaboration opportunities.

5. Industry Visionaries
Meet and exchange ideas with the superstars who created this dynamic field and the young visionaries who are building its future. They’ll all be in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 2010.

6. Connections
Join your friends and colleagues from around the world, and make invaluable new connections with the people behind the pixels. SIGGRAPH 2010 is the annual world headquarters of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

7. Essential Resources
Discover all the resources you need to support your creativity, improve your efficiency, and grow your business. The SIGGRAPH 2010 Exhibition features hardware, software, and services from the leading companies behind the pixels.

8. World-Class Animation and Visual Effects
Immerse yourself in this year’s best work in animated storytelling, scientific visualization, advertising, games, and feature films. The Computer Animation Festival presents five days of screenings, talks, panels, and live demos.

9. Los Angeles
Soak up the creativity, advanced technology, and business innovation that have made Los Angeles the world capital of digital media.

10. Inspiration
Leave Los Angeles with new skills, creativity, and energy, ready to rejuvenate your career and inspire your organization’s next phase of leadership in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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