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August 2, 2011

"Give PC A Chance" (A 30th Anniversary Ode to the IBM PC)

by Dr. Don Rose, Senior Contributor, BYTE

The PC, or Personal Computer, was born
Way back in A.D. '81
A mere 30 years or so ago
When computers all weighed a ton.

It came from the halls of IBM
with floppy drive, CRT,
and an OS named DOS from Microsoft
run by a kid named Bill G.

The first killer app was VisiCalc
A spreadsheet that blew all our minds
Because it would update and crunch in real time
And show patterns mortal minds couldn't find.

TIME Magazine named it "Machine Of The Year"
Which sure shocked a lot of old folks
Who thought only humans could get that award
While cynics just thought it was a joke.

Sure, there were tough times, when I hated PC
and wanted to toss it on the street
It made me scream and turn blue with its Blue Screen of Death
And of course, there's "Control-Alt-Delete".

But here's to you, old friend, you're still lookin' good
You've thrived, and even survived MS "Bob"
Yet you better be careful, 'cause still on your tail
Is that old nemesis named Steve Jobs!

Oh PC, I guess some things just never die
And that goes for you too, so don't weep
About cellphones, tablets and Macs -- you're my fave
'cause I know what you really stand for: "Pretty Cheap"!

**** Happy 3-0, PC! ****