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January 18, 2012

MACCA+MEDIA: See Paul McCartney LIVE Via Webstream Tomorrow Jan 19, Answering Press Questions; Fans Can Ask One, Too

Just announced: Paul McCartney will participate in a live webstream event tomorrow January 19th at 11am EST at PaulMcCartney.com in support of his upcoming release Kisses On The BottomFans can submit questions to kissesonthebottom@paulmccartney.com - one question will be given to Paul to answer. Don't miss this unique opportunity to watch McCartney LIVE!

Paul McCartney Live Webstream: Join Paul As He Starts Promotion For New Album 'Kisses On The Bottom'

Thursday 19th January – 11am EST, 8am Pacific Time. 
That is P-Day, baby! That is, that's the time to tune in live to PaulMcCartney.com to get an exclusive behind the scenes broadcast of Paul answering questions from some of the world's media.  The former Beatle and ex Wingsman will be spending the afternoon in London talking with press from around the world to promote the release of his new album. PaulMcCartney.com will stream 30 minutes of the afternoon at some point between 11am and 12pm. 

But wait, there's more. YOU TOO have the opportunity to ask a question to Paul. Simply email your question to kissesonthebottom@paulmccartney.com - one question will be chosen and given to Paul to answer. This is a rare chance for fans to get a fly on the wall view of what happens before an album is released.

'Kisses On The Bottom' will be released on Feb 6 in the UK and Feb 7 in the US.