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September 28, 2007


(Sep. 26, 2007 : Beverly Hills, CA) Event Report by Don Rose

Scion held a cool event tonight, screening the fine film "The Mayor of the Sunset Strip" at the Fine Arts Theatre (Wilshire just west of La Cienega). They provided popcorn, drinks, and invited the documentary's director George Hickenlooper to do Q&A afterwards. George was great, graciously answering numerous questions after the film, dropping many a movie reference that often went over the audience members' heads, but giving us all "some homework to do," he joked.

The LA Report loved the movie. The film's star and subject: Rodney Bingenheimer, long-time KROQ DJ (still on the air, 106.7 FM, Sundays midnight to 3am) and creator of the legendary English Disco nightclub on the Strip. Did you know Rodney introduced Bowie to LA? (See the film for many more facts and details, too lengthy to repeat here.) We especially enjoyed the cast of eccentric characters around Rodney, which really added a lot of depth to the film. "Mayor" is not just a great biopic, but an excellent analysis of celebrity culture and the history of Los Angeles. We can't wait to see the extras on the DVD (George mentioned a discussion between songwriting titans Elvis Costello and Brian Wilson, who were both in the film but for oh so brief a time; their conversation probably could have been a docu film in itself).

Kudos to George, and to "Mayor" producer Chris Carter, who is also in the film (owing much of the great things in his life to Rodney, he says; Rodney broke Chris's band Dramarama into the big time, among many other groups and artists). Chris hosts America's longest running Beatle show, Breakfast with the Beatles (KLOS 95.5 FM, Sundays 9am to noon).

Best B-story in "Mayor": Kim Fowley (Rodney's songwriter/producer friend and foil, who claims he is the original Mayor of the Strip, who lent the title to Rodney to use while he was away, way back when). Kim was the subject of a segment on Little Steven's amazingly great Underground Garage show (KLOS 95.5 FM, Sundays 10 to midnight) a few weeks ago.