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November 23, 2007


by Don Rose


She has frontrunner swagger, a huge national base, name recognition off the charts, the admiration of millions of women, and Bill. Not to mention the love of the pants suit industry. But she needs to overcome the obstacle Gore faced in 2000: how to come off less robotic. Until robots get the vote around 50 years from now, this is a must in our current human dominated society.

I mean, let's be real; when she told an Iowa debate audience she had been "touched" by their stories, there was not an ounce of true feeling in her voice. It may have been a sincere statement, but it sure didn't sound that way, and sound is what matters most, next to visuals. And since her visuals are just average, she better get sound down.

Oral arousal (no, not that kind, the speaking kind) was a talent her hubbie was a master of; Bill Clinton could make reading the phone book sound downright meaningful and from the heart. Maybe he can teach his wife his gift of aural aura, the secret of being Master Thespian of Feeling Your Pain. It would be the best holiday gift Hill could ever hope for.


In many respects, he seems like another Bill Clinton: rock star status, celeb pals, firm command of facts, exemplary oratory, mega magnetism. Heck, many people referred to Clinton as "the first black President," and Obama actually is half-black, which ain't half bad. There's only
one problem with a Clinton-like candidate. There already is a Clinton candidate, and
she has the real Bill Clinton in tow to boot.

So, no Obama in the White House in 2008. What he is really doing is what many great
candidates do: get their first big campaign out of the way, build a national
infrastructure, get the kinks out and run again later as a stronger, older, wiser veteran candidate.

Face it, he's too green now, even in this golden age of Green. Obama's time will come, in 2012 or 2016. Maybe by then he can get his pal Ms. Winfrey onboard as running mate, after she retires from TV in search of a new challenge. Just imagine what Letterman could do with an Obama-Oprah ticket.