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September 1, 2008


The Drive of Your Life! 2nd Annual Great American Run Offers Potential Cash Prize of One Million Dollars

The infamous Great American Run road rally is scheduled to set the USA a blaze when it departs Los Angeles, California on September 7, 2008. The event will conclude with a celebratory final night party in Los Angeles on September 12th.

“This is a driving experience like no other in the world which provides the drivers and co-drivers with one hell of a ride,” says event organizer, Tim Porter. The guaranteed starting cash prize has already been set at ($100,000.00) one hundred thousand USD and could rise to an incredible one million dollars contingent upon the number of entries.

The 2007 Great American Run was a huge success with over 140 cars of all makes and models participating. A television film crew documented the entire crazy event, with the DVD set for release soon. Timothy S. Durham, CEO of Indianapolis, Indiana based Obsidian Enterprises, Inc., was a 2007 competitor. Durham liked the event so much he bought into the Great American Run company and now works alongside Porter. Durham commented, “The 2007 event was amazing and I enjoyed every octane filled moment. To witness over one hundred and forty cars travel across the States was exciting, challenging and always very entertaining. I’m passionate about cars and humbled to participate in this type of event. You feel as though you’re making a part of history.”

The 2008 Great American Run route will be kept strictly confidential by the event organizers, however based upon previous Runs it’s guaranteed to be challenging, exhausting and downright whacky. Porter has a long pedigree in establishing road rallies. He has successfully conducted six annual events in Europe and is now firmly established in the USA. Porter said, “The 2008 Great American Run promises to be very exciting and filled with surprises along the way. We knew we had a success on our hands during the 2007 event and now having Durham on board is fantastic. He has an immense flair for business which will hugely compliment my attitude of achieving the impossible.”

Route checkpoints will be staffed by gorgeous “Checkpoint Chicks” and an independent timing specialist company. These checkpoints are designed to avoid cheating and to log the daily performance of the vehicles. Each driver’s objective is to achieve an average speed of 61mph, which is no easy task. The event will also provide the entrants with wild parties, top notch dinners and luxury hotel accommodations.

This year's kickoff party will be held at the world famous Playboy Mansion West and will benefit the Children of the Night Charity. The event will be hosted by Holly, Bridget and Kendra of the hit reality show ‘The Girls Next Door’ with a special performance by Ludacris. The final night is a black-tie gala dinner where the massive cash prize will be awarded to the winner. The Great American Run is not about what you drive, it’s about how you drive and your individual approach to life and the risks you’re prepared to take.

If you’re up for the challenge, want to meet some like-minded car aficionados, or just want to be thoroughly thrilled and entertained, this is the event for you. You might win yourself one million dollars! The Great American Run has got guts, glamour and a real “go factor.”

If you’re a raging bull, a dancing horse, or just want a “gas of a time” contact the Great American Run organizers for more details. US toll free 1-800-619-8593, Tim Porter directly US 714-391-2486 or go to www.thegreatamericanrun.com. Sponsorship inquiries US toll free 1-866-890-2234.