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June 12, 2009


Commentary by Don Rose

The great irony of the iPhone is that the Phone part is now but one small sliver of what this device does. People seem to spend much more time doing the NONphone activities afforded by the iPhone than the phone part. The sprouting of thousands of applications for this device makes it, as Leo LaPorte says, more of a mini superportable computer than a phone, something worthy of a new category of device.

Perhaps, then, the iPhone needs a new name.
At least that is what iThink. Here are my iNitial iDeas:

iRony - see first sentence above.

iVerything - since it does, just about, everything.

iKnow - with the iPhone, you truly can know it all, you know-it-all -- thanks to the net connection and all the apps.

iApps - again, the apps is the haps; they truly make the iPhone the versatile wonder that it is.

iAll - you can do it all, in the palm of your hand (sorry, Palm, if you think I'm Pre-mature).

iT - since this really is the current "it" device. Plus, iT can also stand for "internet technologies" or "integrated tech".

iThink -- therefore, I app. See, I even wrote a new ad slogan for you, Apple.

iThere - the i(nternet) is, like, there! And it takes me there. There, another new name and slogan. You taking notes, Apple?

iDo - since users truly are married to this device, and it lets you do almost anything.

iLoveit - users do.

iDeal - since the device really is ideal for most people, and it is a great deal for what you get.

iFun - my favorite new moniker of them all. Listen: iFun even sounds like iPhone!

There you have it. New names for the iPhone that better fit its awesome, broad capabilities.

And as for Apple itself, well, maybe they need a new name too. A subtle change. Like... APPle.