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October 7, 2010

Back to Back To The Future: AMC Brings Classic Film Back to Theaters Oct 23 & 25; Blu-ray Trilogy Due Oct 26

by Don Rose

We previously reported on the 25th anniversary of Val Kilmer's first starring vehicle, the sci-fi comedy "Real Genius". As far as we know, there was no big celebration to commemorate the occasion, but fortunately for lovers of comedy science fiction, such is not the case for "Back to the Future" and its 25th anniversary! BttF is being re-released in theaters October 23rd and October 25th in over 40 U.S. cities, apparently for those two nights only. Those
 who attend the special screenings are promised a poster commemorating the 25th anniversary of the movie (until they run out, of course, so get there early, kids). We also learned that theaters will have "special movie-related giveaways". 

The print to be shown in theaters is a digital re-master, in advance of the upcoming release of "Back to the Future" on Blu-ray, which should look fantastic (or, as Marty might say, "heavy"). The hi-def Blu-ray and regular DVD release (set for October 26) is a trilogy box set that will include the two BttF sequels and many bonus features. 

We hope to see you at the screenings. If you can't jot down the info right now, just remember: "25 Oct, Doc!" or "25th party on the 25th, Marty!" (Okay, AMC isn't promising a real party-party with your ticket price, but close enough - heck, if you bring your pals, it will be a party!)

Below is more info on the upcoming BttF screenings:

from JOBLO.com:

AMC Theaters is showing the original film twice - once on October 23 and once on October 25 (the day Marty McFly went back in time) ... And as an added bonus, all attendees will get a full-size BACK TO THE FUTURE poster just for showing up ... head to AMC's site to see if BTTF is playing near you and to purchase tickets.

AMC Theatres is bringing back the film for 2 special screenings on Saturday October 23rd at 12:30PM and Monday October 25th at 7:00PM on 158 screens over 40 cities! All guests will receive a full-sized poster commemorating the 25th anniversary limited release of the movie with their ticket purchase, while supplies last. Each theatre will also have special movie-related giveaways prior to the movie as a part of the experience.  We’re excited to bring this digitally remastered film back for a new generation to see the film as it was intended. Tickets for this AMC exclusive are on sale now!