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October 19, 2010

The Beatles "Red" & "Blue" Debut Anew: Both Double-CD Remastered Packages Available Oct 19

by Don Rose

The Beatles' original greatest hits packages, first released in 2 vinyl volumes back in 1973, are back!

1962-1966 (Red) Remastered
Fans informally refer to them as the Red and Blue albums, due to their original covers' colors.
1967-1970 (Blue) Remastered
Each set includes 2 CDs as well as new photos and liner notes. The 1962-66 set (Red) and 67-70 (Blue) have both been remastered, and are available in stores as well as online beginning October 19. (I checked Best Buy today in Westwood and their price -- $13.99 per double-CD set -- seems to match Amazon's.)

Thought for Today: If you include the band's "White Album", today's releases mean you can finally have the all-British Beatles in All-American Red, White and Blue.