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January 4, 2010

AD FAD? CBS Adds Ad Alternatives To Online TV Viewing

by Don Rose


If you like watching TV shows online, you have probably encountered brief ads you must watch at the beginning and/or middle of episodes. Hulu.com does this when you watch shows from NBC or Fox, for example. Typically, you have no choice about what ad to watch, and you have to watch them when the site says so (in order to get to the content you desire).

But CBS is trying another way: decoupling the ad viewing from the show/content viewing. Each full episode posted online by CBS has a required number of "ad credits" you must accumulate before you can watch that episode. Just watch the number of ads required, whenever you have time, and then you can watch the ep. YOU decide when to watch the ads, and YOU decide which ads to watch.

In short, this method gives us all more choice and control. Such "ad hoc" ad viewing may be TV's first friendly trend for 2010. Learn more at http://cbs.ntorus.com/.

Now if CBS would only make shows I wanna watch, we'd really have something here.