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January 15, 2010

FEB 25: CRE Outreach Presents Changing Perceptions: Theatre by the Blind (Transforming Lives One Show At A Time)

Posted by Don Rose

CRE Outreach Presents:

Changing Perceptions: Theatre by the Blind

What: Theatre by the Blind - Original Production of Seeing Rain

Where: Magicopolis 1418 Fourth St., Santa Monica, CA. 90401

When: February 25, 2010 at 7:30pm

Ticket Price 25$


CRE Outreach: Making a world of difference through music and theater

CRE Outreach, a non-profit public charity, was founded in 2006 by Greg Shane, Bryan Caldwell, and Colin Simson. They specialize in providing the visually impaired and at-risk youth with the opportunity to write and perform in their own original theatrical works.

CRE's mission is to use theatre to enhance self-esteem, encourage self-expression and empower individuals to overcome the challenges in their lives.

Their blind troupe, Changing Perceptions, writes, produces and performs original theatrical pieces, which is not only entertaining but also raises awareness about the struggles and accomplishments of the blind.

Creative Youth Theatre (C.Y.T.) gives at-risk students a creative outlet to explore the challenges they face through the supportive and dynamic medium of theatre.

The charity serves a diverse population who face a multitude of daily challenges. Through their program, stutterers have learned to speak confidently and more fluidly, those who felt isolated learn to work as a team and shy children lose their fears. CRE's goal is to create a safe environment in which both children and adults are free to express their emotions and develop skills that improve their daily lives.

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Greg Shane
Executive Director, Changing Perceptions
Gregory Shane is California native who is the co-founder of CRE Theatre. CRE Theatre aims to empower children to find their own unique voice through the creation of an original play. He has been teaching theatre for the past six years and has worked with over 1,000 children all over the world. He has taught in London, Dublin, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. In addition to work with traditional populations, he has also worked with prisoners, mentally challenged, and the homeless. Gregory graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a BA in Theatre, and received his MA in Educational Theatre from NYU. Mr. Shane is also the Director of Changing Perceptions, an incredible organization for the blind and physically disabled where they write and create original plays culminating in final performances at the Edgemar Theatre and coming soon to the Beverly Hills Performing Arts Centre. As well as being an accomplished theatre practitioner, he is also an award-winning professional magician who has performed in Germany, Oakland, Las Vegas and the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.

Colin Simson
Executive Director, C.Y.T.
Colin Simson is an actor, singer, drummer and teacher who has been sharing his passion for performing for over 15 years. From 1995-2003 Colin headed the Summer Stage program at Kidstock Creative Youth Theater in Winchester, MA writing, directing and producing over 50 original youth theater performances. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Colin has continued his passion teaching with CRE Theatre at various elementary schools. He helped conceive and create CRE Outreach, the non-profit division of CRE Theatre in 2006 and is currently the Executive Director of the C.Y.T. program at Middle Schools in the Inglewood Unified School District. Colin is proud to lend his experience and talents to CRE Outreach, giving youths an opportunity to express their creativity through performance.

Bryan Caldwell
Director of Operations
Bryan Caldwell, the co-founder of the CRE Theatre Co., received his B.A. in Philosophy and Theatre from Tulane University. A Colorado native, Bryan performed a residency at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, working with their Theater Academy to implement both the adults’ and children’s curriculum. He has taught theater in the Los Angeles area for over six years (including to young people with autism) and has taught at Crossroads, New Roads, and Village School. Bryan is currently the president of the CRE Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides performing arts programs to underserved youth in Los Angeles, and also implements a “Theater for the Blind” program involving original play creation by a cast of entirely blind actors.

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Editor's Note: CRE not only has their fundraiser show on Feb. 25 but this non profit foundation also has a huge event in the works at the world famous Playboy Mansion June 19 called Ice Castles. Save the date and keep checking back here at The LA Report for more details.