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February 13, 2010

FEB 12-15: 8th Annual Conscious Life Expo 2010 at LAX Hilton



A four day experiential event promoting a sustainable lifestyle for the new Decade. 


The 8th Annual Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton

February 12-15, 2010


As this new decade begins, we reaffirm our common commitment to radical personal and planetary transformation. We are all working arduously to bring into form this next stage in human evolution. We find ourselves in the middle of a miraculous explosion of knowledge, creativity, compassion…and possibility. This is our destiny. Let us come together to celebrate and witness the emergence of this new consciousness.

               Let the journey begin at the 2010 Conscious Life Expo.

THE CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO, a four-day multi-dimensional event returns to the LAX Hilton Hotel on February, 12-15th 2010. Presenting illustrious visionaries and influential thinkers of the 21st Century,  the Expo is abundant with opportunity for inspiration, empowerment, creativity amidst a global community environment. Back in its eighth year, The Conscious Life Expo has been a huge success in Southern California . Drawing people from all walks of life, the Expo lives up to its name, creating an environment of heightened consciousness that allows attendees to be open to the experience of creating new possibilities for living an inspired way of life - more important than ever, as we navigate the unpredictable avenues of the ‘new decade’ upon us.

THE CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO draws together influential speakers, best-selling authors, award-winning films, renowned educators, artists, and visionaries built into an exciting four days of provocative panel discussions, participative workshops, film screenings, book signings, live performances and many other events. This year, The Expo is proud to debut a special Latino program featuring lectures and workshops in Spanish. The Exhibit Hall features over 200 exhibitors displaying products and services to heal and inspire, from the latest health technologies to ancient healing modalities, from superfoods to spiritual books and music. Something for everyone in this visionary gathering place.

2010 Keynote Speakers include:

      Ram Dass –  60’s icon - “Being Here Now”

      Susan Miller – syndicated columnist & astrologer, “Love in A Digital Age”

      Zecharia Sitchin – “The End of Days, Watching the Ticking Clock”

      Gregg Braden – “Fractal Time & the Secret of a New World Age”

      Don Miguel Ruiz – “Honoring The Fifth Agreement”

      Judith Orlaff – “Second Sight”

      Dannion Brinkley – “The Future of the Near Death Experience”


      Plus-Debbie Ford, Dr. Jean Houston, Arielle Ford,  ABC radio’s “Coast to Coast”- George Noory,former NASA consultant and Science advisor on the Apollo moon landing - Robert C. Hoagland, “The Reconnection’s” Eric Pearl, Dick Sutphen, David Wolcott and many more.



Entertainment Events include:

Conscious Film Festival $20 Advance / $25 Door (no Day Pass required)
 $10 (no Day Pass required)
 $20 Advance/ $25 Door (no Day Pass required

Special Events
Ram Dass
 $50 Advance/ $60 Door
Zecharia Sitchin - The End of Days $75 Advance / $95 Door
2012 Panel hosted by George Noory $10 Advance / $15 Door

Reception with Debbie Ford $85 Advance (Includes Keynote Workshop)
 $85 Advance (Includes Keynote Workshop)


Post-Conference Events – Monday, Feb. 15:



Show Information:

Feb.12 -2pm-10pm; Feb.13 9am-11pm; Feb. 14-9am-10pm

LAX Hilton Hotel -5711 Century Blvd., Los Angeles 90045

                            *Validated parking: $10.00


$20 Advance/$25 Door. Workshops: $45 Advance/$55


For show info, contact: conference@consciouslifeexpo.com or 1-800-367-5777

Visit website: www.consciouslifeexpo.com