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March 7, 2012

EnnouncementCards.com: New Site Provides Easy, Green Way For Sharing Big News

Posted by Don Rose

We always love to hear of new website concepts, and here is one that just launched: a creative, user-friendly and FREE announcement website for every occasion. Need to share some exciting news? Are you moving? Who’s getting married or having a baby? Who’s turning 5 or 50? Who has the time to drive to the store, browse invitations, gather all the addresses, and then go to the post office and mail them? Life is busy enough without adding all these tasks to your schedule. Why not use EnnouncementCards.com instead!
What sets this new site apart from other e-card sites? As its name implies, EnnouncementCards.com is primarily an e-announcement site.  From announcements big (moving to a new house) to small (my daughter made the honor roll), EC has cards for countless occasions. Plus, they also offer invitations, thank you cards, save-the-date cards, holiday cards, greeting cards and much more.

Plus, EC allows you to customize and personalize ANY and EVERY card.  You can easily personalize both the title and message sections of your card, tailoring all of the text specifically for your event or occasion.  Plus, any card can be used for any occasion. For example, a card from the Expecting/Birth/Adoption Category could be used as a baby shower invitation, a birth announcement, a thank you card, etc. You decide and customize precisely to fit your needs! EC also has the unique option of allowing you to easily add a photo to any card. Another benefit is that it’s extremely user-friendly. In just a few minutes you can sign-up, send a card, attach a photo, check your account, and go on with your day. You do not need to be computer-savvy to use this site, which is straightforward and effortless. Unlike most e-card sites, which lack innovative selections for cool cards, EC has a lovely assortment of cards ranging from stylish and sophisticated to fun and whimsical to elegant and classic.  EC is constantly adding new cards to their selection, too. Each Ennouncement card blends the look of a traditional paper card with the convenience of an e-card. Once your card has been sent you can check your account to see who and when someone has viewed the card - as well as whether they have replied or not.
In short, EnnouncementCards.com is a clever and speedy site for everyone from the busy soccer mom to the corporate workaholic and all those in between! Not only will you save hundreds of dollars, and a lot of time, it’s also a great paperless (and hence green) option. Please take a few moments to check out EnnouncementCards.com, sign up, and try it out. Also consider “liking” EC on Facebook or sending a tweet about EC. They will be happy to re-post your mention and include your blog or website.

Website: EnnouncementCards.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EnnouncementCards
Twitter:  @EC_Cards