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March 8, 2012

New iPad 3 Now in Pre-Order For March 16 Delivery; iPad 2 Drops to $399 and Up

It was totally expected, but still welcome news to those who don't mindliving in Generation X-1: the price on the lowest-end WiFi iPad 2 (no 3G)
has now dropped to $399.  This is a $100 price drop on iPad 2 
compared to before the iPad 3 announcement.

The "new iPad" -- feel free to call it iPad 3, even if Apple doesn't officially do so --
was announced on March 7, but won't be delivered til St. Patty's Day Eve.
Apple is taking pre-orders now, however. You can get it in white or black;
new features include super-hi-res Retina Display, much better (5MP iSight) camera
that can record 1080p HD video, and faster speeds (up to 4G LTE). And you may be asking:
does iPad 3 have Siri (the much hyped intelligent voice-based assistant on the iPhone 4S)?
Back to the iPad 2: while they may say supplies are limited, my guess is that there are
plenty of iPad 2s left, since the iPad 1s were still being sold long after iPad 2 debuted.

PC Mall is one place showing the new lower prices on the iPad 2; see below. 
You can also try the Apple store - in person, or at  http://www.apple.com/ipad. ---D.R.

PC Mall - Here for You