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March 22, 2012

Upcoming LA: Slake 4 Issue (Cover Sneak Peek Inside), Saturday Shelf-Life 2 at USC (Big Day for Small Press) & 3/31 99%

By Don Rose
The folks at Slake sent me an email so chock full of goodness, I wanted to share 3 highlights from it.
First, about their next issue, Slake says: "It's at the printer now and as soon as it's off the press and in our hands, and yours, we'll let you know where the party is."

Slake 4: Dirt

"This is the cover. You get to say you saw it first. The issue is finalized. It's cooking at the printer and almost ready for your hot, little hands. We're really excited about this issue, which features collage work throughout done by our own Alex Bacon and Anne McCaddon. Have you subscribed yet? You can subscribe right now here. You'll be glad you did, and so will we."
Slake continues: "In the meantime, there are other great Slake events to tide you over. Read about them here."
shelf life 2

This Saturday

"Join us 11-5 at USC Harris Hall and Watt Hall courtyards for Shelf Life 2, A Big Day For Small Presses, full of DIY publishers and artists. There's also a bazaar of hard-to-find books, magazines and other publications, plus you can come hang out with us at our booth. Anne McCaddon will talk about what it takes to make Slake and contributers Sam Slovick, Melissa Chadburn and others will read from Slake 4, "Dirt." Did we mention it's free? Come see us."

99 percent


"Join us for all in for the 99%: A day of art music and discussion. Highlights include a screening of Sam Slovick’s Occupy LA: Scenes from the New Revolution, Val Kilmer reading Mark Twain, Slake contributers Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Erin Aubry Kaplan, Vanessa Carlisle plus a performance by Vicci Martinez. Slake and Stories: A Bookstore will curate a pop-up store of inspiring dissident literature."
Wow! Who says LA has no culture? Certainly not I.
There's always an attractive assortment of activities for Angelenos,
if you know who to know... and where to look. We at Wire LA 
plan to keep bringing the cool stuff to you as often as we can. 
(To borrow the words of Stewart Brand and Steve Jobs,
"Stay hungry... stay foolish".................. and stay tuned.)
----Don Rose