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June 28, 2012

Gotta Get a Gorgeous Glow to Go? Before the Fourth? Try Tropic Spa

Get RED, WHITE & BRONZED - Your Healthy Guilty Pleasure

The 4th of July is just a few days away. Whether you're the host of the party or a guest, here is a perfect solution to add a little sparkle to your holiday. A Tropic Spa tan will give you a flawless glow to balance your stars and stripes accessories. While you're enjoying festive cocktails, indulging in some treats and straying from your diet, Tropic Spa can be your healthy "guilty pleasure." In just 12 seconds, a few minutes to dry and a brief touchup you'll be the envy of the party, and you won't need to spend hours in the sun.



The Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System is a revolutionary new way to obtain a beautiful and healthy summer glow without the risk of damage caused by being out in the sun or the use of a UV tanning bed. 

In a tanning category all its own, here are 5 unique things that set Tropic Spa apart from other sunless tanning products:

1. Easy to assemble, charge for 3-4 hours, adjust the system to hang on the door so the top mister is more or less even with your face, and go!

2. One of the unique features is the built-in electronic timer; each tan delivers an exact amount of tanning solution that covers the entire body in a 12 second application. Overspray is minimal or nonexistent.

3. For the eco-conscious crowd: The system uses steel cans that are 100% recyclable and the gas that is used to pressurize the cans is nitrogen - a high component of the air we breathe everyday. The Tropic Spa tanning solution is supplied in a kit form. The solution is packaged into specially designed cosmetic bladders, then housed into aerosol cans. This bag on valve technology allows 100% pure tanning solution to be dispensed with no cross contamination from propellants or any other material. 

4. It's a clear solution so you should allow 4-5 hours for the tan to show and then simply use retouch spray to even out any areas you might have missed or not rubbed in evenly.

5. You can't overtan. By tanning one time every 5-7 days you'll be on your way to a perfect, healthy glow year round.