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March 27, 2008


Neal Public Relations is representing #1 Bestselling Canadian Author Calvin Helin, whose book "DANCES WITH DEPENDENCY" makes its U.S. debut in April 2008. Helin is a former member of the Canadian Parliament and a native Indian -- and just might have key answers our nation needs as the United States financial system continues to be rocked by a severe crisis.

In "Dances with Dependency," Calvin Helin, a leading North American Native lawyer, offers ways to eliminate welfare dependency and get out of poverty. Helin helps us understand, how formerly colonized populations have been forced into welfare and a dependency mindset. His message is a call to action to change our thinking so that we can break that cycle of dependency and actively steer our lives. And yes, he is 'politically incorrect' at times as he offers his key solutions including doing away with typical welfare systems and government assisted programs. Instead he would like to create more interactive programs that could generate business opportunities and jobs. His unique approach would be of interest to any taxpaying American, especially as heated debates continue in this election year. Plus, Helin's welfare reforms might just jumpstart our economy, freeing up billions to enable more of our citizens, perhaps even all, to enjoy the benefits of healthcare.

Helin is a straight shooter, unafraid to say it as he sees it, even if it means pointing the finger at his own people. His "Did our ancestors sit around eating potato chips?" continues to raise eyebrows, as does his "Every welfare check eats a bit at a man's soul!" The author is on a crusade to help the poor understand that the key to a brighter future is when policy reform meets individual responsibility and self-reliance.

Colleges and universities are starting to use "Dances With Dependency" as a way to explain fundamental Native issues and how social stigmas sometimes perpetuate a problem instead of solving it. Perhaps Helin's refreshing perspective and constructive solutions can bring hope to some desperate situations.

Helin is joining a new generation of Native leaders who are looking to put an end to government dependency and replace it with a return to self-reliance. He reminds us at every corner that we're headed into a "Demographic tsunami" as our poor population continues to explode while our economy implodes -- unless we reframe our mindsets and empower our children to seek and make their own opportunities instead of expecting them and waiting for them.

Calvin Helin will be coming to the U.S. in April/May to promote this book, and is available for Interviews by calling Roger Neal of Neal Public Relations at 714-883-0231 or by emailing Mr. Neal at prstarus2000@yahoo.com. To View an interview with Calvin Helin, see: http://www.nealpublicrelations.com.