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January 27, 2008


by Don Rose

Yes, free music via the Internet is a reality. We're talking good stuff, hits, high quality tunes, not just unknowns and/or unlistenable junk. Go to http://www.spiralfrog.com/ and register (for free, NO credit card needed). Confirm your membership and start getting songs and videos, FREE.

How can they do this, you ask? Yes, ads. A recent Spiralfrog press release explains:

SpiralFrog allows music enthusiasts to feed their addiction to music through free, legal and unlimited downloading. SpiralFrog enables anyone to access and download files from a library of 1 million songs and 3,500 music videos, with new content added frequently. To access the free content, users must only fill out a simple and quick registration form. As part of the SpiralFrog experience, users see relevant, targeted advertising that does not interfere with their enjoyment of music. Songs and videos downloaded on SpiralFrog will play on Windows PCs running XP and Vista. Members can download to their PCs and synchronize their music with up to two portable music players or music-enabled phones that support Windows Media digital rights management.

We knew this would happen eventually. If TV can be free via ads, why not music? Spiralfrog simply serves you advertising as you do things on the Spiralfrog site (like downloading), and they in turn give part of the ad revenue to the music publishers and musicians who provide the music on the site. Sounds good to The LA Report. Yes, it really sounds good! Go get your free tunes!

I can hear you thinking, "Okay, but is there a catch?" The only one I see so far: you may not find certain bands' music that you really want. In other words, if you want a one-stop shop with ALL major acts' music available for download, some for free and most for a fee, then iTunes is still king. Or you can go with Napster, Yahoo! Music, Best Buy's digital music store, and more stores. But SpiralFrog is just getting going, so give it time. And give it a whirl.

For ten MORE free websites to consider, see the fine post that lists 10 Sites for Free Legal Music, at www.last100.com.


Anonymous said...

Spiralfrog works really well for me! i was a bit skeptical at first when i had to download that music manager thing, but it didnt have any spyware or adware (thanks norton)

after that, everything was smooth. didnt even notice alot of ads. and for the amount of music u can get for free, its perfect for everyone

Anonymous said...

...worked for me until I tried to uninstall the download manager. Then it tries to run a script to delete MsiExec.exe, which, according to multiple sources, is a no-no to delete. Right now I'm still trying to get rid of it.