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January 28, 2008


Zonet's Multimedia Multifunctional Mouse Pad - Model: ZUP8020

Here is a very cool product, especially in this age where devices that do many things are "in." Optimize your work (or fun!) space and give a touch of style to your computer with the Zonet ZUP8020 – a true "Multifunctional Mouse Pad." The Mouse Pad produces an ambient blue glow around its clear acrylic base when connected to the USB port. It’s integrated with a four-port USB 2.0 Hub, allowing you to connect extra USB peripherals such as a Webcam, Flash Drive, and other USB devices. With the Stereo Speakers and Microphone, it's ideal for music listening, online chatting, and voice conferencing.

• Illuminated acrylic base mouse pad with smooth surface
• Built-in 4-Port USB Hub, fully compliant with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
• Built-in Stereo Speakers
• Built-In Headset and Audio connectors
• Microphone On/Off Switch
• Included Mini-microphone for voice conference and online chatting
• Plug & play, no driver needed
• Dimension: W248 x D123 x H18mm
• Cable length: 120cm

This Zonet product comes with a one year Manufacturer Warranty. We like the fact that, in addition to the ZUP8020 mousepad, you also get the Mini Microphone (or, if you're a fan of Austin Powers, a Mini-Mike!). We dig it at The LA report, and we think you will too.