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January 2, 2008


COMEDY CENTRAL Will Air All 72 Episodes of "Futurama" Along With Four World Television Premiere "Futurama" Movies, Including "Bender's Big Score" Which Is Scheduled To Air In First Quarter Of 2008

During Premiere Week, Two Back-To-Back Episodes Of "Futurama" Will Air Wednesday Through Friday From 8:00 P.M. To 9:00 P.M.; After Premiere Week, Episodes Will Air Monday - Thursday At 9:00 P.M. & Fridays At 9:00 P.M. And 9:30 P.M.

Greetings, Earthlings! Matt Groening's Emmy Award -winning animated series "Futurama" premieres on COMEDY CENTRAL Wednesday, January 2 at 8:00 p.m. COMEDY CENTRAL will begin to air all 72 existing episodes of "Futurama" along with four "Futurama" DVD movies, including "Bender's Big Score," "Bender's Game," "The Beast with a Billion Backs" and "Into the Wild Green Yonder." "Bender's Big Score," released on DVD this year, will air in the First Quarter of 2008.

"Futurama" focuses on the life of Philip Fry (Billy West), a 25-year-old pizza delivery boy who accidentally freezes himself December 31, 1999 and wakes up 1,000 years later with a fresh start at life—and a "diverse" new group of friends including Turanga LeeLa (Katey Sagal), a tough, but lovely one-eyed alien, and Bender (John DiMaggio), a robot who possesses human characteristics and flaws. The show also features guest stars such as Sarah Silverman, Hank Azaria, Bob Odenkirk, Pamela Anderson, Beatrice Arthur, Lucy Liu, Beck and Coolio.

"Futurama" aired on Fox from 1999 to 2003 and the series consists of 72 episodes. The series was nominated five years in a row and won three Emmys including its award for "Outstanding Animated Program" in 2002. "Futurama" is produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox Television. Matt Groening created and executive produces the show, with co-executive producers David X. Cohen, Ken Keeler and Eric Horsted.