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January 13, 2008


During Beatlemania, a reporter told the Beatles that
some in Detroit said their haircuts were un-American.
John: "That's very observant of them, because we aren't American."

In "A Hard Day's Night" a reporter asks George Harrison what he calls his hairstyle.
His reply: "Arthur."

Journalist: "Do you wear wigs?"
John: "If we do, they must be the only ones with real dandruff."

Journalist: "Would you ever accept a girl in your group if she could sing, play an instrument, and wear the Beatle haircut?"
Ringo: "How tall is she?"

Journalist: "How do you feel about teenagers imitating you with Beatle wigs?"
John: "They're not imitating us because we don't wear Beatle wigs."

Journalist: "What is the biggest threat to your careers, the atom bomb or dandruff?"
Ringo: "The atom bomb. We've already got dandruff."