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October 27, 2007


Beatle fans, get thee to the cool website of Bill Carlson. Bill was there way back when to cover the Beatles' tour as it steamrolled across America and into the upper Midwest, where Bill captured images that are just now getting exposure, pardon the pun. The LA Report just caught Bill on one of the fine Los Angeles Beatle shows (KRTH 101.1 FM, which broadcasts two shows back to back on Sundays, 8am to 10am). Mr. Carlson told his tale of the Fab Four in Minnesota, where among other things, lead guitarist George Harrison received a brand new Rickenbacker guitar (see photo above).

Bill also referred fellow Beatlemaniacs to his website, where he sells his fine photos. In the case of the George guitar gift, Bill gives some context to the above photo with this quote:

“...Yeah, I got number two. This friend in England who takes care of guitars, Alan Rogan, found out that that Rickenbacker 12-string of mine is the second one made. The first they gave to a woman, and the second one I got. I got another one with the rounded cutaways, but I’m glad to say that the one that went missing - I got a lot of stuff stolen or lost - wasn’t the original one.” --George Harrison in “Guitar Player” interview