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October 17, 2007


Hard to believe nine years have elapsed since the passing of "Seinfeld" (although it is now immortal on DVD). Perhaps the greatest sitcom ever. But what if you want to get to the heart of the series without watching days of DVDs? Let The LA Report cut to the chase for you. Here now are nine episodes that The LA Report finds the most inspired/memorable/catchphrasey.

Kramer finds a discarded set for The Merv Griffin Show and reconstructs it -- in his apartment.

Soup Nazi
Man runs store selling best soup in town, but do not violate the set routine he has for buying it... or else.

Oliver Stone satire with loogies instead of bullets? Priceless.

There's a shortage of those little female protectors, so Elaine gets superprotective of those she can get.

Backwards Trip
Scenes seen in reverse order, depicting a trip. Perhaps the most ambitious and mind-bending episode.

The Bet
Using nothing nasty in word or imagery, the quartet sees who can stay Master of Their Domain the longest. (That is, who can prolong a probation on masterbation, proving who's the pro.)

Do the Opposite
"If everything I do is wrong, then doing the opposite must be right." George gets philosophical, and it works.

Yadda Yadda Yadda
Singlehandedly sent this phrase into the popularity stratosphere.

Show within a Show
Seinfeld and George pitch TV show about Seinfeld and George's lives. Best selfreferentialism ever.

Naturally, there are many other great moments/shows we could have listed (The Bro/Mansiere, Elaine dancing, the Sidler, Kramerica, Vandelay Industries, Kramer creating a Coffee Table book about Coffee Tables that actually IS a Coffee Table, etc.). But the above nine are fine for now.