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October 26, 2007


The LA Report is fortunate enough to go to many LA area events, and thus we tend to notice when one service or another is popular around town. Such is the case with FOOD FETISH. This catering company always serves excellent food; not only do we love it, but we always hear others in attendance praising their cuisine.

Case in point: last night's open house at the new RFX facility (748 Seward St., just north of Melrose). Food Fetish's fabulous feast included scrumptuous crabcakes, BBQ tri-tip, dreamy creamy scalloped potatoes, chicken, salad, and a range of tangy sauces (a hallmark of Food Fetish fetes). Desserts included three flavors of ice cream in copious quantities, several toppings, plus brownies. The Food Fetish staff is always extremely pleasant as well, and if you ever get the pleasure of talking with Joel, the amiable owner of Food Fetish, he may just engage you in a spirited conversation about his other love, baseball.

Food Fetish: a Best Bet of The LA Report. One of the top caterers in Los Angeles. If you are a party planner, contact them well in advance as we have firsthand knowledge of how busy their party schedule is! More info at: www.foodfetishcatering.com. Joel Boardman, Owner: 818-762-7850 • send email ; Harvey Slater, VP Sales & Marketing: 213-381-1766 • send email.