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October 21, 2007


The LA Report is a proud member of KCSN FM (88.5), and you should be too. Not just because Los Angeles Magazine gave them Best of LA honors, but because you can really get an amazing education in modern popular music by listening to their many themed shows (hence it's fitting this station's HQ is a university -- Cal State Northridge). Here are some of the programs we find to be Best Bets here at The LA Report:

THURSDAY night, late, is a show devoted to Broadway classics.

FRIDAY night there is Madly Cocktail, to get your fix of great standards in that loungey style that always makes me think of the movie Swingers, and of late great Mel Torme - especially his version of "Sunshine Superman," which is both bizarre and beautiful at the same time. After this cool show is a great program featuring all Surf classics (think Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Ventures and other instrumental hits, and some Hawaiian/Island ditties thrown in), hosted by The Great Kahuna (aka Les Perry) and his ever-giggling Gidget-like sidekick, Surfer Girl.

SATURDAY we love the British Invasion, hosted by Les Perry from 2pm--5pm, with lots of the non-Beatles Brit hits circa 1964-1967, including the Who, Kinks, Animals, Moody Blues, Rod Stewart, Faces, Manfred Mann, and sometimes later hits like T.Rex, Badfinger, and more. The 4pm hour is a theme within a theme - Stone City, featuring nothing by Rolling Stones tunes. 5pm brings a bucket of Blues from Ann the Raven.

SUNDAY from 10am--2pm is the show MEET THE BEATLES with host Les Perry, featuring many rarities as well as hits, from both group and solo work (Les has even played an entire live show by the Beatles, from raw footage recorded at the Hollywood Bowl). Following Les on Sunday from 2pm--5pm is Charmin' Larmin's great roots-of-rock-and-roll show, with "salacious" rock plus interspersed trailers from classic B-movies from the 50s and 60s that will have you howling with laughter. Later, at 7pm, comes The Dylan Hour, an entire hour devoted to folk/rock/country/legend Bob Dylan.

There are many other shows we have heard of but not yet heard, like a Grateful Dead show, and Classical music weekday mornings, but the main thing is that this station needs to be discovered by those who have not yet found this gem, and funded by those who have. KCSN employs signal-strengtheners for those on the Westside and beyond, so they really service a lot of LA. Memberships start at $50, on par with other public radio stations here in Los Angeles, and you get great premiums (we got a $40 giftcard to Maria's Italian Kitchen for our $50, for example), as well as entry into a sweepstakes to win a cruise to Mexico. Membership also allows you to win all the numerous tickets and other prizes they give away all year long on all their shows. So listen, enjoy, and call them to pledge your support today -- 1-800-795-KCSN.